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Draw me into your heart.
    We will run away together into the king’s cloud-filled chamber.[a]

The Chorus of Friends

    We will remember your love, rejoicing and delighting in you,[b]
    celebrating your every kiss as better than wine.
    No wonder righteousness adores you![c]

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  1. 1:4 The Hebrew text literally means “the king’s chamber inside of a chamber.” This points us to the Holy of Holies inside the temple chamber.
  2. 1:4 The Hebrew word for “love” (ahav) is found seven times in the Song of Songs (1:3, 4, 7; 3:1, 2, 3, 4). The Hebrew root word for “rejoice” (gyl) is a homonym for “spinning in a circle or dance.” The implication is that we dance for joy when we remember his love.
  3. 1:4 The kiss of God pours out blessing over our hearts. It is the warmth of his love that convinces us that his heart is turned forever toward us. The most common word for worship in the New Testament is proskuneo, which means to fall on your knees before him to kiss him. Our worship, with deep affection, is his reward.