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Version Information

Ang Bagong Tipan: Filipino Standard Version (FSV) is the first ever literary-liturgical version of the New Testament in the Filipino language, designed to perpetuate the rich liturgical heritage of Church worship. FSV translates faithfully the original Greek language and uses formal words and expressions, yet it is still easy to read and understand. This translation is appropriate not just for congregational reading in the church, but also for easy memorization and for a deep study of the Bible.

Quotation Rights:
The FSV text may be quoted (in written, visual, or electronic form) without requesting permission from the Philippine Bible Society provided that the number of verses does not exceed five hundred (500) and that the verses quoted represent less than half a complete book of the Bible. In all other cases, the user must first get permission from the Philippine Bible Society. Permission requests must be directed to:

Acknowledgment must appear as follows on the copyright page of printed works using the FSV text, or in a corresponding location when the FSV is quoted in other media:
“Scripture texts are from the Ang Bagong Tipan: Filipino Standard Version © 2009 Philippine Bible Society, used with permission.”

When quotations from the FSV are used for non-commercial or non-saleable media, such as church bulletins, orders of service, posters, presentation slides, and similar formats, a complete copyright acknowledgment is not required, but the initials “FSV” must appear at the end of the quotation.


Copyright Information

Ang Bagong Tipan: Filipino Standard Version, Copyright © Philippine Bible Society 2009.

About Philippine Bible Society

The Philippine Bible Society is a non-profit, non-stock and inter-confessional Christian organization that exists to provide people with Scriptures…

    in the language they understand,
    in formats they prefer,
    and at prices they can afford.

PBS is an affiliate of the United Bible Societies, a society of more than 145 Bible Societies operating in 200 countries and territories worldwide. These Bible Societies assist in faithful translation of Scriptures as well as provide assistance to other national Bible Societies. The Bible Societies are often the only source of supply for people who could not otherwise afford the Scriptures, or who live in places far from commercial outlets.

What Scriptures does PBS produce?

The Philippine Bible Society strives to make God’s Word available to all audiences. Through PBS’ endeavors, the Holy Scriptures are now available in the eight major Philippine languages:

  • Bicol
  • Cebuano
  • Hiligaynon
  • Ilokano
  • Pampango
  • Pangasinan
  • Tagalog
  • Samarenyo

These translations are available both in Protestant and Catholic editions. There are also Scriptures formatted to suit serious Bible readers (Diglot Bibles and scholarly Bible editions), for young people (student Bibles), and children (Children’s Bible and Scripture comics). PBS likewise makes the Scriptures available for the visually impaired and other audiences.

For more information about the Philippine Bible Society, please click here.