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Native speakers of Hawai‘i Pidgin numbered around 600,000 in 2011, 100,000 to 200,000 with low proficiency in standard English. Nonnative speakers are estimated at between 300,000 and 400,000. They live in Hawaii, Alaska and the United States mainland. Alternate names are Pidgin, Hawai‘i Creole, and Hawai‘i Creole English.

The language enjoys vigorous use. It is the native speech of about half of those born or brought up in Hawaii, regardless of racial origin. It is used unofficially in courts, sometimes with interpreters. It is used in personal communications, blue collar, farm, and fishing work, and among friends in nearly all social groups. Plays, novels, short stories, and essays are produced constantly. It is accepted by many as an important part of local culture, a distinctive local language; but it is looked down on by others. 50% of children in Hawaii do not speak English when entering school, yet English as a second language is generally not taught to Pidgin-speaking children. Most songs are in Hawaiian or English. It is used in some radio and television programs. The literacy rate in Pidgin is unknown; in standard English it is estimated at 66%–75%. The writing system uses Latin script. There is a published grammar. The New Testament was published in 2000.


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dropdown close Mam (MVJ) – Mam, Todos Santos 1 Mam de Todos Santos Chuchumatán (MVJ) NT
dropdown close K'iche' (QUT) – Quiché, Centro Occidenta 1 Quiché, Centro Occidental (QUT) NT
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