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New Catholic Bible (NCB)

Following the highly acclaimed publication of the New Catholic Version of The Psalms in 2002 and The New Testament in 2015, this translation of the New Catholic Bible has been accomplished by the same board of highly qualified Scripture scholars under the direction of Rev. Jude Winkler, OFM Conv., S.S.L. They were committed to render as perfectly as possible a translation of literal or formal equivalence. Numerous translations were consulted and decisions were made by consensus according to accepted principles of textual criticism.

With a deep desire to be faithful to God’s inspired Word, the translators used the best available Hebrew and Greek texts to achieve a dignified and accurate version of the sacred text in language that is clear and meaningful to today’s readers. With extensive explanatory notes that reflect the most current consensus of Catholic scholarship, the New Catholic Bible is a translation that can be trusted to provide the reader with a prayerful and fulfilling Bible experience suitable for private devotion and study.

The purpose of the NCB is to provide a clear, faithful, and accurate translation that allows for a more global reach than other translations. Offering this fresh translation serves to provide English-speaking Catholics worldwide with another version to satisfy their interest in, devotion to, and study of, the Word of God.

A St. Joseph Edition

Therefore, we have thought it worthwhile to make available a Catholic translation of the Bible in the renowned and exclusive format of our St. Joseph Editions of Bibles and Missals. The St. Joseph Edition is an editorial system developed over a span of seventy years. It consists in a series of features intended to ensure that a text (particularly a biblical or liturgical text) is user friendly, leading to greater readability and easier understanding.

The textual features or format in the present case are a large readable typeface, additional headings and subheadings, and a full measure extension for long lines of poetry that clearly indicates when a line has a runover. It also includes general introductions to both the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as introductions to each Book, copious pastoral notes or footnotes.

An asterisk (*) in the text indicates that there is a note to the text in question. Each note is in turn clearly marked with the number of the chapter and verse to which it pertains. Hence, the reader is always aware of a helpful note simply by reading the text.

Other Features of This Edition

Besides the many distinctive characteristics of St. Joseph Editions noted above, perhaps the most important of all of the helpful features included in most editions is a series of self-explaining maps, time charts, photographs, and illustrations showing key events and areas in the Bible. They are grouped in such a way that the reader is kept abreast of the history of salvation without needlessly turning to some other part of the book. In addition, extensive historical and biblical background material is provided in “Learning about Your Bible” and “Doctrinal Bible Index.”

We trust that this new translation of the Bible will lead many into a better understanding of the Holy Books and a fuller knowledge of their principal author, the Triune God, and their primary protagonist, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.


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SAINT JOSEPH NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE® Copyright © 2019 by Catholic Book Publishing Corp. All rights reserved.

The text of the New Catholic Bible (NCB) may be quoted and/or reprinted up to and inclusive of five hundred (500) verses without express written permission of the publisher, provided that the verses quoted do not account for fifty percent or more of the total work in which they are quoted.

Notice of copyright must appear on the title or copyright page of the work as follows:

“Scripture taken from the SAINT JOSEPH NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE® Copyright © 2019 by Catholic Book Publishing Corp. Used with permission. All rights reserved.”

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