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New Century Version NCV

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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The New Century Version (NCV) is an English translation of the Bible with roots extending to the English Version for the Deaf (EVD) Bible translation (by the World Bible Translation Center, a subsidiary of Bible League International). It is also related to the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV), having longer sentences and a more fluent style. The NCV is now published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The two overarching principles that stand behind the NCV are that a Bible translation needs to be both accurate and clear. The translation team of 50 Bible scholars and translators included people with translation experience on such acclaimed versions as the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the New King James Version. The best available Hebrew and Greek texts were used, principally the third edition of the United Bible Societies’ Greek text and the latest edition of the Biblia Hebraica, along with the Septuagint.

English vocabulary choice is based upon The Living Word Vocabulary by Dr. Edgar Dale and Dr. Joseph O’Rourke (Worldbook-Childcraft International, 1981), which is the standard used by the editors of The World Book Encyclopedia to determine appropriate vocabulary. The NCV uses contemporary references for measurements and geographical locations when it is feasible.


Copyright Information

Bible Quotation Policy: NCV

The below applies to any Bible of the New Century Version (NCV).

Written permission is always required if you are writing a book or developing any form of product that uses Scripture.


Fair Use Guidelines: (all must apply)

  • No more than 250 verses quoted in total.
  • Scripture does not make up more than 25% of the total text.
  • Scripture does not account for an entire book of the Bible.
  • All Scripture must be properly cited (see below).

Scripture from any of the Thomas Nelson translations may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic, or audio) up to two Hundred fifty (250) verses or less without written permission, as long as the Scripture does not make up more than 25% of the total text in the work and the Scripture is not being quoted in commentary or another Biblical reference work.  If an entire book of the Bible is being reproduced, regardless of verse count, written permission is required.


Not covered by Fair Use:

  • Scripture on a product in which the verse stands alone such as artwork, notecards, crafts, novelty products, jewelry.
  • Use of charts, maps, illustrations, footnotes, study notes, reference material, and the like.
  • Fair use guidelines do not apply to smart phone applications, media platforms, websites, or related digital products.
  • If you are interested in using an entire book of the Bible or an entire Bible translation, please contact Thomas Nelson's licensing department.


Any use of the NCV text must include a proper acknowledgment as follows:

   "Scripture taken from the New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved."

Please note: Churches requesting to use a small selection of material for church bulletins, sermons or classroom use that falls within our “fair use” guidelines, formal written permission is not necessary. Churches may use stand-alone quotations/scriptures in sermons, bulletins, newsletters, or projected in a worship setting without asking written permission provided the translation is correctly cited.


For further information and guidelines, please go http://www.thomasnelson.com/consumer/dept.asp?dept_id=190660&TopLevel_id=190000

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