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Publisher: Baruch House Publishing

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This is the New Testament of William Tyndale, now gently updated for today. It is not a new translation. It is Tyndale’s original work, simply made understandable for moderns by Editor Ruth Magnusson Davis.

Based on Tyndale’s final revision (1535), this NT translation was first published in a little-known Bible called the Matthew Bible, which was the work of Tyndale’s friend John Rogers, in 1537. Few people are aware that the Matthew Bible formed the basis of the KJV, but will recognize the familiar language.

Ruth has maintained Tyndale’s style and poetry, and guarded the historic language of the faith. She has also been faithful to detail; for example, ‘tribute,’ which is payment to a foreign ruler, remains ‘tribute.’ It is not changed to ‘tax,’ which is quite another thing. Ruth’s fine touch is barely perceptible in this beautiful rendering of Tyndale’s New Testament, so that his insight and faith may inform us today, and feed us with the rich truths of the faith.

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Copyright © 2016 by Ruth Magnusson (Davis). All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form (beyond such copying as is permitted by applicable law and except for reviewers for the public press), without written permission from the publisher.

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About Baruch House Publishing

Ruth Magnusson Davis
Ruth Magnusson Davis is a retired lawyer and scholar of early modern English. In 2005 she founded Baruch House Publishing, which focuses on important works from the English Reformation (approximately 1520-1550). Ruth’s desire is to update and republish these works, and increase people’s knowledge and awareness of them. In 2009 she founded the New Matthew Bible Project, dedicated to gently updating the Matthew Bible, and retired from her law practice in order to devote herself to this work. The updated Bible will be known as the ‘NMB.’

The little-known Matthew Bible was first published in 1537. The work of three men, it includes Tyndale’s New Testament, and his Old Testament translations from Genesis through to 2 Chronicles. The rest of the Old Testament is from Myles Coverdale, who translated mainly from Martin Luther’s German Bible; his work has all the clarity and flavour of that great German Reformer. Then a man named John Rogers compiled Tyndale’s and Coverdale’s translations, added commentaries and study helps, and published the whole under the pseudonym ‘Thomas Matthew.’ His work became known as the Matthew Bible, or Matthew’s version, and went on to serve as the base for the Great Bible and the KJV.

After seven years of work, Baruch House published the NMB New Testament in March 2016, called The October Testament, including all the gently updated Scriptures and commentaries of the Matthew Bible, and Tyndale’s prologues to some of the New Testament books. Work on the Old Testament has begun.

Also from Baruch House, look for The Story of the Matthew Bible, the first book ever devoted solely to telling the history of the Matthew Bible, and Tyndale’s New Testament for the 21st Century, which is the NMB Scriptures alone, without the notes and commentaries.

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