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Psalm 16 The Passion Translation (TPT)

The Golden Secret

16 A precious song, engraved in gold, by King David[a]
Keep me safe, O mighty God.
I run for dear life to you, my safe place.
So I said to the Lord God,
“You are my Maker, my Mediator, and my Master.
Any good thing you find in me has come from you.”[b]
And he said to me, “My holy lovers are wonderful,
my majestic ones, my glorious ones,
fulfilling all my desires.”
Yet there are those who yield to their weakness,[c]
and they will have troubles and sorrows unending.
I never gather with such ones,[d]
nor give them honor in any way.
Lord, I have chosen you alone as my inheritance.
You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion.
I leave my destiny and its timing in your hands.[e]
Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places.
I’m overwhelmed by the privileges
that come with following you,
for you have given me the best!
The way you counsel and correct me makes me praise you more,
for your whispers in the night give me wisdom,
showing me what to do next.
Because you are close to me and always available,
my confidence will never be shaken,
for I experience your wrap-around presence every moment.
My heart and soul explode with joy—full of glory!
Even my body will rest confident and secure.
10 For you will not abandon me to the realm of death,
nor will you allow your Holy One to experience corruption.[f]
11 For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life,
the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with you.[g]


  1. Psalm 16:1 The Hebrew word used in the inscription is michtam. There are many variations of translation for this word. Here are the major ones: golden, graven, a permanent writing, precious, hidden, or jewel. The Septuagint renders this “a sculptured writing of gold”; other translations call it a “golden poem.” Perhaps the most accepted translation of michtam is “engraved in gold.” This speaks of the divine nature engraved into our hearts by the Word. A new humanity is now stamped with God-life, engraved in his golden glory.
  2. Psalm 16:2 The Aramaic text states, “My goodness is found in your presence.”
  3. Psalm 16:4 As translated from the Septuagint.
  4. Psalm 16:4 As translated from the Septuagint.
  5. Psalm 16:5 Implied in the text. The Aramaic reads “You are restoring my inheritance to me.”
  6. Psalm 16:10 Or “the pit.” This is likely a metaphor for Sheol.
  7. Psalm 16:11 There is no Hebrew word for “presence.” When the Psalmist wanted to speak of God’s presence, he used the Hebrew word for “face.”
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