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Psalm 144 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Rescue Me

144 King David’s poetic song as he stood before Goliath[a]
There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me;
it’s in God alone and I love him!
He’s the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle.
He’s my shelter of love and my fortress of faith,
who wraps himself around me as a secure shield.
I hide myself in this one who subdues enemies before me.
Lord, what is it about us that you would even notice us?
Why do you even bother with us?
For man is nothing but a faint whisper, a mere breath.
We spend our days like nothing more than a passing shadow.
Step down from heaven, Lord, and come down!
Make the mountains melt at your touch.
Loose your fiery lightning flashes and scatter your enemies.
Overthrow them with your terrifying judgments.
Reach down from your heavens
and rescue me from this hell,
and deliver me from these dark powers.
They speak nothing but lies; their words are pure deceit.
Nothing they say can ever be trusted.
My God, I will sing you a brand-new song!
The harp inside my heart will make music to you!
10 I will sing of you, the one who gives victory to kings—
the one who rescues David, your loving servant,
from the fatal sword.
11 Deliver me and save me from these dark powers
who speak nothing but lies.
Their words are pure deceit
and you can’t trust anything they say.
12 Deliver us! Then our homes will be happy.
Our sons will grow up as strong, sturdy men
and our daughters with graceful beauty,
royally fashioned as for a palace.
13–14 Our barns will be filled to the brim,
overflowing with the fruits of our harvest.
Our fields will be full of sheep and cattle,
too many to count,
and our livestock will not miscarry their young.
Our enemies will not invade our land,
and there’ll be no breach in our walls.
15 What bliss we experience when these blessings fall!
The people who love and serve our God will be happy indeed!


  1. Psalm 144:1 As translated from the Septuagint. Put yourself in David’s place as he faced a giant named Goliath. Imagine how he felt as you read through this psalm.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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