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Psalm 18:1-3 The Passion Translation (TPT)

I Love You, Lord

18 Praises sung to the Pure and Shining One, by King David,
his servant,[a] composed when the Lord rescued David from all
his many enemies, including from the brutality of Saul[b]
Lord, I passionately love you and I’m bonded to you![c]
    I want to embrace you,[d] for now you’ve become my power!
You’re as real to me as bedrock beneath my feet,
    like a castle on a cliff, my forever firm fortress,
    my mountain of hiding, my pathway of escape,
    my tower of rescue where none can reach me.
    My secret strength and shield around me,
    you are salvation’s ray of brightness shining on the hillside,[e]
    always the champion of my cause.
All I need to do is to call to you,
    singing to you, the praiseworthy God.
    When I do, I’m safe and sound in you.


  1. Psalm 18:1 This magnificent poem is so important to the Holy Spirit that it appears twice in the Bible. You will find it again in 2 Sam. 22.
  2. Psalm 18:1 Or “the paw of Saul.” He was like a beast that chased David until his death.
  3. Psalm 18:1 David doesn’t employ the common Hebrew word for “love,” ‘ahav, but instead uses the Hebrew word for “pity” or “mercy.” How could David have mercy for God? The word he uses, raham, is the word used for a mother who loves and pities her child so much it manifests with a deep love and emotional bond. This concept, although difficult to convey in English, is brought forth as David is saying, “I love you passionately and my life is forever bonded to you!”
  4. Psalm 18:1 The Hebrew word used here for “love” is not the usual word to describe love. It is a fervent and passionate word that carries the thought of embrace and touch. It could actually be translated “Lord, I want to hug you!” Haven’t you ever felt like that?
  5. Psalm 18:2 The Hebrew word for “horn” (i.e., horn of my salvation) comes from a root word meaning “ray of brightness” or “hillside.” The translator has chosen to include both concepts in the translation.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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