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Isaiah 60 The Passion Translation (TPT)

The Glorious New Day

60 “Rise up in splendor and be radiant,[a] for your light has dawned,

    and Yahweh’s glory[b] now streams from you!
Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth,
    and thick gloom[c] covers the nations,
    but Yahweh arises[d] upon you
    and the brightness of his glory appears over you![e]
Nations will be attracted to your radiant light[f]
    and kings to the sunrise-glory of your new day.[g]
Lift up your eyes higher! Look all around you and believe,
    for your sons are returning from far away
    and your daughters are being tenderly carried home.
    Watch as they all gather together, eager to come back to you!

Zion’s Wealth

“Then you will understand and be radiant.[h]
    Your heart will be thrilled and swell with joy.
    The fullness of the sea will flow to you[i]
    and the wealth[j] of the nations will be transferred to you!
Caravans of camels will cover your land,
    young camels loaded with goods from Midian[k] and Ephah.[l]
    All the wealthy merchants from Sheba will come,
    bearing gold and frankincense
    and singing the praises of Yahweh!
All the flocks of Kedar[m] will be gathered to you,
    and the rams[n] of Nebaioth[o] will be yours
    as acceptable sacrifices on my altar,
    and I will adorn with more glory my glorious temple.[p]
“Who are these who soar like clouds,[q]
    flying like doves[r] into their portals?[s]
Indeed, the distant islands eagerly look for me,
    with their large ships[t] leading the way.
    They are bringing Zion’s children from afar.
    They come with offerings of silver and gold
    to honor the name of Yahweh, your God, the Holy One of Israel,
    for he has glorified you![u]

Zion’s Restoration

10 “Foreigners[v] will rebuild your walls
    and their kings will serve you.
    Even though I punished you in my anger,
    I will restore you in my gracious favor
    and show you my tender compassion.
11 Your gateways will always remain wide open[w]
    around the clock to let in the procession of kings
    bringing their constant stream of the riches of the nations.
12 The nation or kingdom
    that refuses to serve you will perish and be utterly ruined.[x]
13 Lebanon’s glory will be yours.
    The cypress, fir, and pine will come to you
    to beautify the site of my holy place.
    And I will glorify the place where I rest my feet.[y]
14 The descendants of your oppressors
    will come bowing low before you,
    and all who hated you will bow down at your feet.
    They will call you The Beautiful City of Yahweh,
    Glorious Zion of the Holy One of Israel.

Zion’s Honor

15 “Although once you were rejected and despised,
    undesirable for anyone to pass through you,
    I will make you majestic forever,[z]
    a source of joy for every generation.[aa]
16 You will guzzle the milk of nations[ab]
    and suckle at the breast of kings.
    You will know me intimately
    that I am Yahweh, your Savior,
    for I am the Mighty Hero who rules over Jacob’s tribes,
    your Kinsman-Redeemer!

Everything Made Better

17 “I will replace your copper with gold,
    your iron with silver,[ac]
    your wood with copper,
    and your stone with iron.
    I will install peace and prosperity as your government
    and righteousness as your overseer.
18 Threats of violence will no longer be heard in your land,
    nor will destruction and ruin be found within your borders.
    You will name your walls Salvation
    and your gates Praise.

Zion’s Glory

19 “The sun will no longer be needed to brighten the day,
    nor the moon to shine at night,
    for Yahweh will be your unfailing light;
    your God will be your glory![ad]
20 There will be no more sunsets or new moons,[ae]
    for Yahweh will be your everlasting light
    and your days of sadness will be over.[af]
21 All your people will be righteous
    and will permanently possess the land.
    I planted them there as a tender sapling,
    the work of my own hands to display my glory.
22 I will multiply the least of you into a thousand[ag]
    and the weakest one into a mighty nation.[ah]
    I am Yahweh, and when the right time comes,[ai]
    I will accomplish it swiftly!”


  1. Isaiah 60:1 Or “break forth with the light of (a new) day.” See Eph. 5:27. Applying vv. 1–2 to the church, we see Jesus as the Light that shines upon us (John 8:12; 2 Cor. 4:6) and the light of the church shining upon the nations (Matt. 5:14-16).
  2. Isaiah 60:1 Here Isaiah begins a new section in his masterpiece. The theme of these last seven chapters is The Glorious New Day, corresponding to the Feast of Tabernacles. The Hebrew word for “glory” appears twenty-three times in chs. 60–66. A possible outline of these chapters is: (60) A New Day. (61) A New Priesthood. (62) A New Wedding. (63) A New Mercy. (64) A New Prayer. (65) A New Heaven and a New Earth. (66) A New Jerusalem.
  3. Isaiah 60:2 Or “thick clouds.”
  4. Isaiah 60:2 Or “breaks out over you.”
  5. Isaiah 60:2 See Isa. 60:19-22; Mal. 4:2; Rev. 21:2-3.
  6. Isaiah 60:3 Or “Nations will walk by your light.” Light is often seen as a biblical metaphor for understanding and revelation. See Eph. 1:18.
  7. Isaiah 60:3 Or “to the brightness of your sunrise.” The sunrise of our new day came at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  8. Isaiah 60:5 Or “As you understand you will sparkle.” The Hebrew word (nahar) can also be translated “flow together”— “As you understand, you will flow together.
  9. Isaiah 60:5 This is not simply fish, but the fullness of the nations, the sea of humanity. See Rom. 11:25.
  10. Isaiah 60:5 Or “forces (armies), virtues, strength, might, power, riches, goods.”
  11. Isaiah 60:6 Midian was a son of Abraham and Keturah who settled near the Gulf of Elath.
  12. Isaiah 60:6 Ephah was a grandson of Abraham and one of the five sons of Midian. Camels were seen as a symbol of wealth. See Judges 6:5.
  13. Isaiah 60:7 Kedar was one of Ishmael’s sons and his tribe became the dominant military power of the Ishmaelites in North Arabia (see Hitti, History of the Arabs, 42).
  14. Isaiah 60:7 Rams were brought as “consecration offerings” for the ordination of priests. See Ex. 29.
  15. Isaiah 60:7 Nebaioth was the firstborn son of Ishmael and Esau’s brother-in-law and becomes a metonymy for the Ishmaelites. See Gen. 28:9; 36:3.
  16. Isaiah 60:7 We are now the glorious temple of God, adorned with even more glory than we comprehend. See John 17:22; Rom. 8:30; 1 Cor. 3:16-17.
  17. Isaiah 60:8 See 1 Kings 18:44; Heb. 12:1-2; Rev. 1:7.
  18. Isaiah 60:8 See Song. 1:15; 2:14.
  19. Isaiah 60:8 Or “windows” or “dovecotes.”
  20. Isaiah 60:9 Or “the ships of Tarshish.”
  21. Isaiah 60:9 See John 17:22; Rom. 8:30.
  22. Isaiah 60:10 Or “sons of foreigners.”
  23. Isaiah 60:11 See John 10:9-10. Jesus Christ is always ready to receive any who come to him.
  24. Isaiah 60:12 See Ps. 2:12.
  25. Isaiah 60:13 Or “I will make my footstool glorious.”
  26. Isaiah 60:15 Or “an eternal excellency.”
  27. Isaiah 60:15 Read this verse again with the understanding of its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.
  28. Isaiah 60:16 This is a figure of speech for receiving the best from the nations and being enriched by kings.
  29. Isaiah 60:17 These items are seen elsewhere in Scripture as symbols. Copper (brass) is a frequent symbol of judgment and gold a common symbol of the divine nature. God replaces our guilt with godliness. Unyielding iron can be seen as a symbol of stubbornness and silver is a common symbol of redemption.
  30. Isaiah 60:19 See 1 John 1:5; Rev. 21:23.
  31. Isaiah 60:20 Or “the moon withdrawing itself.”
  32. Isaiah 60:20 The dark night of our sin and pain and grief are ended by the work of Jesus on the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit within us. See John 14–16; 19:30; Rom. 8:14-25.
  33. Isaiah 60:22 Or “a tribe.”
  34. Isaiah 60:22 See Zech. 12:8.
  35. Isaiah 60:22 See Eccl. 3:1-8; Acts 2:1-4; Gal. 4:4.
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