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Isaiah 27 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Israel’s Redemption

27 In that day, the Lord Yahweh

    will mercilessly wield his massive, mighty sword
    and punish Leviathan, the swift, slithering serpent.
    He will slay the dragon of the sea—[a]
    Leviathan, the twisting serpent.[b]
In that day, they will sing the song “The Vineyard of Delight.”
“I, the Lord, watch over my vineyard of delight.
    Moment by moment, I water it in love
    and protect it day and night.
There is no anger in me,
    for if I found briars and thorns
    I would burn them up and march to battle against them.
So let the branches cling to my protection[c]
    when they make true peace with me.
    Yes, let them make me their friend.”[d]

Cleansing, Not Destruction

The coming ones[e] of Jacob’s tribes will take root.
    Israel’s branches will bud and blossom,
    and her beautiful fruit will cover the face of the earth.
Has Yahweh struck Israel
    as other nations have struck her?[f]
    Has Israel been killed like her enemies have been killed?
No, but with measured justice
    he exiled them and contended with them.[g]
    He removed them from the land with his severe blast
    on the day his searing east wind blew.
By the mercy of Yahweh the guilt of Jacob will be forgiven.[h]
    Yet the full proof of their forgiveness will be
    when they crush all the altars to false gods
    and make them into chalkstones, crushed to pieces,
    with neither cultic poles nor incense altars still standing.
10 The fortified city lies in ruins,
    forsaken and deserted like a wilderness.
    Cattle graze there and lie down,
    chewing on twigs and branches.
11 The trees are withered and stripped bare,
    and their women gather dead branches for firewood,
    because they are a people of no understanding.
    That is why their Maker will show them no compassion,
    and he who formed them will show them no favor.

12 In that day, from the Egyptian border to the Euphrates, the Lord Yahweh will gather one by one the people of Israel, as one sifts wheat from the chaff. 13 When that day comes, a great trumpet will sound, and those lost in the land of Assyria and Egypt—all the exiles—will come and bow down before the Lord Yahweh in Jerusalem and worship him on the holy mountain!


  1. Isaiah 27:1 See Job 41:1-10; Ps. 74:13-14; Isa. 51:9; Ezek. 29:3.
  2. Isaiah 27:1 Or “the crooked serpent” or “the serpent of confusion.” Satan always attempts to twist and distort the words of God to deceive humanity (2 Cor. 11:3). The sword of the Lord is merciless to the enemies of Christ (Rev. 19:15). The massive, mighty sword of the Lord is the message of the cross (1 Cor. 1:18-25). It is mighty to save and will thwart every principality and power (Col 2:14-15; Heb. 2:14-15). Leviathan means “coiled” or “contorted.”
  3. Isaiah 27:5 See John 15:5.
  4. Isaiah 27:5 Or “make true peace with me.”
  5. Isaiah 27:6 Although most translations read “In days to come,” the literal Hebrew is “Those to come.”
  6. Isaiah 27:7 Commentators and linguists agree that this is one of the more difficult verses to translate in Isaiah (as is the section to follow). A literal rendering is “Like the striking down of the one striking him down, does he strike him down?” A possible meaning of this verse could be “Israel has not been punished by the Lord as he has punished Israel’s enemies.”
  7. Isaiah 27:8 The meaning of this line is uncertain.
  8. Isaiah 27:9 Or “atoned for.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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