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The Song of the Remnant

14 The remnant[a] lifts up its voice with a joyful shout.
    From the west they praise the majesty of the Lord Yahweh,
15 and in the east[b] they give glory to the Lord God!
    The coastlands magnify the name of Yahweh,
    the Lord God of Israel!
16 From all over the world we hear their songs of praise—
    songs of glory and beauty to the Righteous One!
    But I said, “I feel I’m wasting away.
    I’m doomed; I’m wasting away.”
    With deception, deceivers deceive!
    With treachery, the treacherous betray![c]

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  1. Isaiah 24:14 Or “they.” Vv. 14–16 are some of the more difficult verses to translate in Isaiah due to a number of textual variants.
  2. Isaiah 24:15 Or “in the lights (fires),” a possible metaphor for the sunrise (the east).
  3. Isaiah 24:16 These lines contain a notable wordplay, using five Hebrew words with the identical triliteral root, bgd.