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who says:
    “Is it too small a thing for you, my servant,
    to restore greatness to Jacob’s tribes and the survivors of Israel?
    I will make you to be a light to the nations and
    to bring the light of my salvation to the ends of the earth!”[a]

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  1. Isaiah 49:6 Although Israel is named in this chapter, the future fulfillment is found in Jesus Christ, the true Servant of the Lord. He was called and named from the womb (v. 1 and Matt. 1:20-23). He was equipped and prepared by God (v. 2). He was appointed and commissioned as God’s Servant (v. 3). He brings Israel back to God (v. 5). He is highly favored in the sight of God (v. 5). Jesus found all his strength in his Father and did only what pleased him (v. 5 and John 5:19). He is light and salvation to nations (gentiles, v. 6).