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Isaiah 42:1 The Passion Translation (TPT)

The Lord’s Servant

42 “Take a good look at my servant![a]

    I love him dearly,[b] for he is my chosen one.
    I have taken hold of him in my strength,[c]
    and I have clothed him with my Spirit.[d]
    He will cause justice to spring up for the nations.


  1. Isaiah 42:1 Isaiah introduces to us the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, as the chosen servant of the Lord, sustained by Yahweh, sent on a divine mission to bring light and freedom to the hearts of his covenant people. Starting with ch. 42, Isaiah gives us four Servant Songs. (1) This chapter presents him as the Faithful Servant who brings light to the nations. (2) In 49:1–13 he is the Chosen Servant to bring salvation to the nations and to restore Israel. (3) In 50:4–9, we have the song of the Obedient Servant who reveals the Father. (4) In 52:13–53:12 we find the Suffering Servant. See also Matt. 12:18-21.
  2. Isaiah 42:1 Or “I find all my delight in him.” See Matt. 3:17.
  3. Isaiah 42:1 Or “whom I uphold (by my strength).”
  4. Isaiah 42:1 Or “placed my Spirit upon him.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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