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Isaiah 11:6 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Christ Will Subdue All Things

Then the wolf will be subdued and live with the gentle lamb,[a] and the leopard[b] will lie down[c] with the gentle lamb.[d] The young calf and the ferocious lion[e] will be together, and as a shepherd drives his flock, a small child will guide them along!


  1. Isaiah 11:6 The list of animals in this section represents various attributes and spiritual conditions within human beings (cf. Calvin). Some are clean and some are unclean; some are wild and some are tame. They typify aspects of human nature (e.g., the nature of a wolf, a lamb, a lion, a leopard) because elsewhere in Scripture they refer to human beings. Each reveals an aspect of the nature of Adam or of the nature of Christ. This figurative passage of Scripture points to the subduing power of the life of Christ within his people, taming the “wolf,” the enemy of a lamb (John 10:12; Acts 20:29-30), to be subdued and to lie down with the lamb (Christ’s nature within us). The Hebrew word for “lamb” (kebes) is taken from the root word “to subdue, dominate.” There are fifteen natures (creatures) mentioned in this passage that are reconciled and rest together. Fifteen in the Bible is the number of rest.
  2. Isaiah 11:6 The leopard is mentioned eight times in the Bible, and in every instance, it is used figuratively for an aspect of human beings or of spiritual powers of darkness. It is emblematic of an aspect of human nature that cannot be changed or tamed. See Song. 4:8; Jer. 5:6; 13:23; Dan. 7:6; Hab. 1:8; Rev. 13:2.
  3. Isaiah 11:6 Or “stretch out.”
  4. Isaiah 11:6 Or “kid,” meaning either a male lamb or a male goat (Song. 1:8). The Hebrew word for “kid” (gĕdiy) comes from the root word “cut off.” As the Lamb of God, Jesus was cut off from the land of the living for our salvation.
  5. Isaiah 11:6 See 1 Peter 5:8.
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