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We look away from the natural realm and we focus our attention and expectation[a] onto Jesus who birthed faith within us and who leads us forward into faith’s perfection.[b] His example is this: Because his heart was focused on the joy of knowing that you would be his,[c] he endured the agony of the cross and conquered its humiliation,[d] and now sits exalted at the right hand of the throne of God!

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  1. 12:2 Implied by the Aramaic word chor, which implies a gaze upon Jesus full of expectations that he is enough.
  2. 12:2 Or “He is the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”
  3. 12:2 Or “instead of the joy set before him.” This was the joy of our salvation. He placed before his eyes the bliss we would forever share together with him, which empowered him to go through his agony. Instead of remaining in heaven’s glory with the Father and all the angels, he chose you as the joy set before him. He desires you to the point of laying down his life and being God for all eternity to be with you. He pursued you, not seeing your weakness and failures but what you will be. He can see what we will be in the end from the beginning. This was the joy that prompted him to become a man.
  4. 12:2 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek is “thinking nothing of its shame.”

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