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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3200 Holy Spirit, ministry and work of
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3200 Holy Spirit, ministry and work of

3200 Holy Spirit, ministry and work of

This set of themes consists of the following:

3203Holy Spirit, and assurance
3206Holy Spirit, and grace
3209Holy Spirit, and love
3212Holy Spirit, and mission
3215Holy Spirit, and peace
3218Holy Spirit, and praise
3221Holy Spirit, and prayer
3224Holy Spirit, and preaching
3227Holy Spirit, and prophecy
3230Holy Spirit, and regeneration
3233Holy Spirit, and sanctification
3236Holy Spirit, and Scripture
3239Holy Spirit, anointing of
3242Holy Spirit, baptism with
3245Holy Spirit, blasphemy against
3248Holy Spirit, conviction of
3251Holy Spirit, filling with
3254Holy Spirit, fruit of
3257Holy Spirit, gift of
3260Holy Spirit, gifts of
3263Holy Spirit, guidance of
3266Holy Spirit, in creation
3269Holy Spirit, in life of Jesus Christ
3272Holy Spirit, in OT
3275Holy Spirit, in the church
3278Holy Spirit, indwelling of
3281Holy Spirit, inspiration of
3284Holy Spirit, resisting
3287Holy Spirit, sealing of
3290Holy Spirit, the life-giver
3293Holy Spirit, witness of
3296Holy Spirit, work in the world