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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3275 Holy Spirit, in the church
3275 Holy Spirit, in the church

3275 Holy Spirit, in the church

The church depends upon the activity of the Holy Spirit, without which its effective and faithful service is impossible.

The Holy Spirit forms the church

1Co 12:13 See also Ac 2:1-4,16-18; Joel 2:28-29; Ac 10:44-48; Eph 2:21-22

The Holy Spirit indwells the church

1Co 3:16 “you” here is plural and refers to the whole church. See also Eze 10:4; Jn 16:14; 1Co 6:19; 2Co 6:16; 1Pe 4:14

The Holy Spirit enables the church to function as the body of Christ

1Co 12:7 See also Ex 31:1-5; Nu 11:24-27; 1Sa 10:5-11; Ro 12:5; 1Co 12:8-11

The Holy Spirit enables Christian unity

Eph 4:3-4; Php 2:1

The church worships, serves and speaks by the Holy Spirit

The church worships by the Spirit Ac 2:11 See also Jn 4:24; Ac 10:45-46; Ro 8:15; 1Co 14:26-33; Php 3:3

The church serves by the Spirit Ro 12:6-8 See also 1Co 12:7-11; Eph 4:7-13

The church speaks by the Spirit Ac 6:10 See also Ac 4:8; 1Co 14:24-25

The Holy Spirit communicates Jesus Christ’s message to the church

Rev 2:7 See also Jn 14:26; Jn 16:13; Rev 2:11,17,29; Rev 3:6,13,22

The Holy Spirit and the church’s mission

The church fulfils its mission by the Spirit Ac 1:8 See also Jn 15:26-27; Jn 20:21-23; Ac 4:31; Gal 3:3

The Spirit directs the church’s missionary enterprise Ac 13:2-3; Ac 15:28; Ac 16:6

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