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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3266 Holy Spirit, in creation
3266 Holy Spirit, in creation

3266 Holy Spirit, in creation

The Holy Spirit was active with the Father and the Word in creation. He is the active power of God present within creation.

The Holy Spirit is involved in creative activity

Ge 1:2 See also Job 26:13; Ps 33:6 The word translated “breath” is the same word that is used for “Spirit”.

The Holy Spirit is the breath of life throughout creation

Ge 2:7 See also Job 12:10; Job 32:8; Job 33:4; Job 34:14-15; Ps 104:30

The Holy Spirit is present everywhere in creation

Ps 139:7-8

The Holy Spirit controls nature and history

Isa 34:16 See also Isa 40:7

The Holy Spirit enables creative achievement

Ex 31:1-5 See also Ex 35:30-35

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