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4050 dust

4050 dust

Human beings were created from the dust by God and will return to it at death. Dust is therefore taken as a symbol of poverty, lowliness and humility. In Scripture dust is shaken off the feet to warn of future judgment, and is also used as a means of expressing grief.

Human beings were created from the dust by God

Ge 2:7 See also Ge 18:27; Ps 103:14; 1Co 15:47

We will all return to dust when we die

Ge 3:19 God’s curse upon Adam affected all humanity; Ps 90:3 See also Job 10:9; Job 34:15; Ecc 12:7

Dust as a symbol of poverty, lowliness and humility

1Sa 2:8 See also Ge 18:27; 1Ki 16:2; Job 30:19

Dust as a simile for a multitude

Ge 13:16 See also Ge 28:14; Ps 78:27

Dust is shaken off the feet as a warning of judgment

Mk 6:11 pp Mt 10:14 pp Lk 9:5 See also Lk 10:10-11; Ac 13:51

Dust is used in expressing grief and repentance

Job 42:5-6; La 2:10 See also Jos 7:6; Job 2:12; Eze 27:30; Rev 18:19

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