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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3251 Holy Spirit, filling with
3251 Holy Spirit, filling with

3251 Holy Spirit, filling with

To be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be energised and controlled by the third person of the Godhead in such a way that under the acknowledged lordship of Jesus Christ the full presence and power of God are experienced. Spirit-filling leads to renewal, obedience, boldness in testimony and an arresting quality in believers’lives.

People filled with the Holy Spirit before the ministry of Jesus Christ

In the OT Ex 31:3 Bezalel filled with the Spirit for artwork on the tabernacle; Dt 34:9 fn Joshua filled with the Spirit to succeed Moses

In the events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist Lk 1:15 John the Baptist filled with the Spirit from birth; Lk 1:41 Elizabeth filled with the Spirit and speaks words of praise; Lk 1:67 Zechariah prophesies about the life of John and God’s salvation

Jesus Christ is full of the Holy Spirit

Lk 4:1 See also Lk 10:21; Jn 3:34; Ac 10:38

NT terminology

Ac 1:5; Ac 2:4; Ac 10:47 While these terms are virtually synonymous when used of initial experiences of the Spirit, “filled” is also used to designate subsequent experiences and renewings of the same divine power, while the other terms are not.

“Be filled with the Spirit”: an apostolic command Eph 5:18 The present tense of the verb implies the need to be regularly filled and re-filled with the Spirit.

“Filled with the Spirit”: a conscious experience of God’s power Ac 2:4 See also Ac 4:31; Ac 9:17

“Full of the Spirit”: a consistent quality of Christian character Ac 6:3-5 See also Ac 11:24; Ac 13:52

“Filled with the Spirit”: the inspiration to speak words of witness, challenge or rebuke Ac 4:8 Peter testifying before the Sanhedrin; Ac 7:55 Stephen testifying to the Sanhedrin, seeing the glory of God; Ac 13:9 Paul rebuking Elymas

Characteristics of the Spirit-filled life

The Spirit of Christ should rule believers’lives Ro 8:4-6 See also Gal 5:16,25

The Spirit produces fruit of Christlike character Ro 15:13; 2Co 6:6; Gal 5:22-23

The Spirit brings liberty Ro 7:6 See also 2Co 3:17; Gal 5:1

Being filled with the Spirit often leads to words of praise Ac 2:4 See also Ac 4:31; Ac 10:44-46; Ac 19:6; Eph 5:18-20

Characteristics linked with the fulness of the Spirit

Skill: Ex 31:3; Ex 35:31 Wisdom: Dt 34:9 fn; Ac 6:3 Joy: Lk 10:21; Ac 13:52 Faith: Ac 6:5; Ac 11:24

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