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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3290 Holy Spirit, the life-giver
3290 Holy Spirit, the life-giver

3290 Holy Spirit, the life-giver

Through the Holy Spirit, God gives birth to and supports both natural and spiritual life. For this reason, Scripture likens the Holy Spirit to life-giving water.

The creating Spirit (or breath) of God gives and sustains life

Ge 1:2 See also Ge 2:7; Job 26:13; Job 27:3; Job 32:8 fn; Job 33:4; Job 34:14 fn; Ps 33:6; Ps 104:30

The Holy Spirit gives new life

Eze 37:1-14 See also Eze 36:26-28

The Holy Spirit is the life-giver in the conception of Jesus Christ

Mt 1:18 See also Mt 1:20; Lk 1:35

The Holy Spirit gives resurrection life to Jesus Christ

1Pe 3:18 See also Ro 1:4

The Holy Spirit brings new spiritual life

Jn 3:5 See also Jn 3:6,8; Jn 6:63

The Spirit sets believers free from bondage to works that lead to death Ro 8:2 See also Ro 8:6,13; Gal 6:8

The Holy Spirit is described as life-giving water

Jn 7:37-39 Words spoken by Jesus Christ at the Feast of Tabernacles. See also Isa 32:15; Isa 44:3-4; Eze 36:25-27; Eze 39:29; Eze 47:1-12; Zec 14:8; Jn 4:10,14; Rev 22:1-2,17

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