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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3263 Holy Spirit, guidance of
3263 Holy Spirit, guidance of

3263 Holy Spirit, guidance of

The Holy Spirit gives guidance to groups and individuals facing challenges, decisions and difficulties. Such guidance, however given, effectively specifies the will of God in situations of choice within the biblically established guidelines of righteousness.

Knowing divine guidance is associated with the presence of the Holy Spirit

Isa 63:11-14 See also 1Ki 18:12; Ps 139:7-10

The Holy Spirit guides Jesus Christ in his ministry

Lk 4:1 pp Mt 4:1 pp Mk 1:12 See also Ac 10:37-38

The Holy Spirit guides the church in its corporate decisions

Ac 13:2 See also Ac 15:28

The Holy Spirit’s guidance of believers

The Holy Spirit guides individual believers Ro 8:14 See also Gal 5:18

He guides through the word of God, spiritually understood and kept before the mind Isa 59:21

He guides in prayer Ro 8:26-27

He guides through spiritual gifts 1Co 12:7-11

He guides in Christian living Ro 8:14; Gal 5:25

He guides in witness and evangelism Mk 13:11 pp Mt 10:19-20 pp Lk 12:11-12 Ac 8:29 See also 1Co 2:13

He guides in ministry Ac 16:6-7; Ac 20:22

He guides into a knowledge of truth Jn 16:13

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