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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3236 Holy Spirit, and Scripture
3236 Holy Spirit, and Scripture

3236 Holy Spirit, and Scripture

The Holy Spirit inspired the original writing of all the Scriptures, and illumines their meaning to believers.

The Holy Spirit inspired the writing of Scripture

The Spirit inspired the writers of the OT 2Sa 23:1-2 See also Ne 9:30; Eze 2:2; Eze 11:24-25; Mic 3:8; Zec 7:12

The NT recognises OT writings as inspired by the Holy Spirit 2Ti 3:16 “God-breathed” means “breathed out by God” rather than “inspired”; 2Pe 1:20-21 See also Mt 22:43 pp Mk 12:36; Ac 1:16; Ac 4:25; Ac 28:25-27; Heb 3:7-11; Heb 10:15-17; 1Pe 1:11

The Spirit inspired the writers of the NT Eph 3:4-5 This revelation by the Spirit probably includes the apostles’understanding of the gospel and their preaching as well as the writings of the NT. See also 1Co 7:40; Rev 2:7,11,17,29; Rev 3:6,13,22

The Holy Spirit illumines the meaning of Scripture

1Co 2:12-16 “what God has freely given” refers to “God’s secret wisdom” (verse 7), the “deep things of God” (verse 10) and the “thoughts of God” (verse 11). See also Jn 14:26; Jn 16:13-15; 2Co 3:14-17; Heb 9:8; 1Jn 2:20,27

The relationship between the word and the Holy Spirit

The association of God’s Spirit and breath with his word(s) Ps 33:6; Isa 59:21; Jn 3:34; Jn 6:63; Eph 6:17 “word” here probably means “the gospel” rather than Scripture as a whole.

The Spirit is essential for obeying God’s law Ro 2:29 Reliance on the letter of the law alone is useless. See also Ro 7:6; 2Co 3:6; Gal 3:2,5; Gal 5:18

The Spirit enables believers to fulfil the law Ro 8:4 See also Gal 5:4-5

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