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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3233 Holy Spirit, and sanctification
3233 Holy Spirit, and sanctification

3233 Holy Spirit, and sanctification

The work of the Holy Spirit in enabling believers to lead holy lives, dedicated to the service of God and conformed to his likeness.

The Spirit of holiness is promised

Mt 3:11 pp Lk 3:16 “fire” implies the Holy Spirit’s work of purification and judgment.

Sanctification is a special work of the Holy Spirit

Ro 15:16 See also 1Co 6:11; Gal 5:5; 1Pe 1:2

The Holy Spirit requires believers to be sanctified

2Th 2:13 Sanctification is a necessary part of being a Christian. See also 1Co 6:18-19

The Holy Spirit enables believers to be sanctified

Ro 8:4 See also Ro 8:13; Eph 5:18

The Holy Spirit produces sanctification

Gal 5:22-23 See also Ro 14:17; 2Ti 1:7

The process of sanctification

The Holy Spirit makes believers more like Jesus Christ 2Co 3:18

The Holy Spirit helps mortify sinful human nature Ro 8:13 See also Gal 5:17

The Holy Spirit is opposed to natural desires Gal 5:16-17 See also Ro 8:5-9; Jude 19

Examples of people sanctified by the Holy Spirit

Joshua: Nu 27:18 fn; Dt 34:9 fn
Lk 2:25 Simeon The deacons in Jerusalem: Ac 6:3,5
Ac 11:24 Barnabas; 2Co 6:6 Paul and his companions

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