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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4007 creation, and God
4007 creation, and God

4007 creation, and God

The natural world is sustained by God and speaks of God.

God sustains the creation

He upholds the natural order Heb 1:3 See also Job 38:33-37; Ps 104:1-35; Ps 135:6-7; Ps 145:16-17; Mt 10:29-30; Col 1:17

He sustains humanity Ac 17:28 See also Job 33:4; Ps 36:6; Da 4:34-35; 1Co 8:6

Creation is upheld for the good of humanity Ge 8:22 See also Ge 9:12-16; Mt 6:11

God’s sustaining power reserves the world for judgment 2Pe 3:7 See also 2Pe 3:9-12 Time is being given for sinners to repent.

God has given humanity responsibility to preserve creation

Ge 1:28 See also Ge 2:15; Ge 9:1-3; Ps 8:6-8; Ps 115:16; Heb 2:8; Jas 3:7

Creation is spoilt by sin

Ge 3:17-19 See also Ro 8:20-22; Heb 6:8

Creation speaks of God’s nature and character

His revelation of himself Job 12:7-10 This is not to suggest that animals can talk to human beings, rather it is a poetic device to stress what can be learnt from created things.

His eternal power and divine nature Ro 1:20 See also Jer 32:17

His authority Job 38:4-39:30; Jer 33:2

His glory and majesty Ps 19:1-2 See also Ps 8:1-9

His love and faithfulness Ps 36:5 See also Mt 6:30

His power Isa 40:25-28

His wisdom Ps 136:5 See also Pr 8:27-29

His unchangeableness and eternity Ps 102:25-27 See also Ps 90:1-2; Heb 1:11

His spiritual work in believers’lives Mt 13:3-43

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