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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3269 Holy Spirit, in life of Jesus Christ
3269 Holy Spirit, in life of Jesus Christ

3269 Holy Spirit, in life of Jesus Christ

From the moment of his conception Jesus Christ was empowered by the Holy Spirit. Christ’s possession of the Holy Spirit was demonstrated publicly at several points in his ministry. After his resurrection the Holy Spirit demonstrated him to be the Son of God.

OT prophecies of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ’s life

Isa 11:2 See also Ps 45:2; Isa 42:1; Isa 61:1; Zec 12:10

Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit

Lk 1:35 See also Mt 1:18,20

The Holy Spirit at Jesus Christ’s baptism

Mt 3:16 pp Mk 1:10 pp Lk 3:22 pp Jn 1:32

Jesus Christ lived by the Holy Spirit

Lk 10:21 See also Mt 4:1 pp Mk 1:12 pp Lk 4:1; Lk 1:80; 1Pe 3:18

Jesus Christ’s ministry was empowered by the Holy Spirit

Heb 9:14

In preaching Lk 4:18 See also Isa 61:1; Mt 12:18; Lk 4:14-15,21; Jn 3:34; Ac 1:2

In working miracles Ac 10:38 See also Mt 12:15-18,28 pp Lk 11:20; Lk 5:17

Jesus Christ was vindicated by the Holy Spirit

Ro 1:4 See also 1Ti 3:16; 1Pe 3:18

Jesus Christ promises the Holy Spirit to his disciples

Lk 11:13 See also Mt 10:20 pp Mk 13:11; Lk 12:12; Jn 7:39; Jn 14:16-17,26; Jn 15:26; Jn 16:13-15

Jesus Christ gives the Holy Spirit to his disciples

Jn 20:22 See also Ac 2:33

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