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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4029 world, human beings in
4029 world, human beings in

4029 world, human beings in

The world is intended to be the dwelling-place of humanity, as the height of God’s creation. Human beings are organised within the world into groupings and nations and have a God-given authority to rule.

The responsibility of human beings to rule

Over the earth Ge 2:15-16 See also Ge 1:25-26,29; Ps 8:4-6

Over the animal kingdom Ge 1:28 “subdue” and “rule” do not give liberty to exploit and abuse but responsibility for caring for and bringing the best out of God’s world. See also Ge 9:1-5; Dt 22:6-7; Pr 27:23-27; Mt 6:25-26; Ac 10:11-13

The response of human beings to God’s commission to rule

Failure through abuse Hos 4:2-3 See also Ge 3:12; Ge 6:11-12; Dt 28:15-21

Refusal to fill the earth Ge 11:5-7 See also Ge 4:17

Obedience and blessing Dt 28:4-5 See also Ge 49:25

The ordering of nations within the world

By language Ge 11:8-9 See also Ge 10:5; Ne 13:24; Est 1:22; Ac 2:6-8; Rev 14:6

By race Rev 7:9 See also Rev 5:9; Rev 13:7

By territory Ac 17:26 See also Ge 13:11-12; Nu 13:27-29

By their rise and fall Jer 18:7-10 See also 2Ch 15:6; Isa 19:2; Jer 1:10; Da 7:17-18; Mt 24:7 pp Mk 13:8 pp Lk 21:10-11

By government Ro 13:1 See also Da 2:21; Da 4:17; 1Pe 2:13-14

The world as the object of the gospel proclamation

God sent Jesus Christ to this world Jn 3:16 See also Isa 45:22; Jn 1:10,29; 1Jn 2:2; 1Jn 4:9

Believers are commanded to evangelise this world Mt 28:18-19 See also Mk 16:15; Lk 24:46-47; Ac 1:8

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