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Latest Bible-Related Research

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Here is a continually updated collection of the latest research regarding the Bible:

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64% of Church-Attending Christians in Western Europe Believe in God as Depicted in the Bible (May 2018)
Pew Research

Photographs of Bible Lands from 1895 New Testament (May 2018)
Houston Baptist University
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Collection of Bible Museums & Exhibits

The State of the Bible 2018: Five Types of Bible Readers (May 2018)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Churchgoers Say They Tithe, But Not Always to the Church (May 2018)
LifeWay Research
Read about tithing in the Dictionary of Bible Themes on Bible Gateway

People Who Regularly Read the Bible Say It’s Better Than Coffee to Jump-Start Their Mornings (May 2018)
ABS News Release
State of the Bible 2018: Bible Engagement Segmentation Report

Blacks More Likely Than Others in US to Read the Bible Regularly, See It as God’s Word (May 2018)
Read the Bible on Bible Gateway

Bible Translated Into 49 Languages in 2017 (March 2018)
Bible Gateway Blog post
Bible Gateway Blog post, Bible Translation Organizations

‘Christianity as Default is Gone’: The Rise of a Non-Christian Europe (March 2018)
The Guardian

Poll Finds 0% of Icelanders Under 25 Believe Bible Creation Story (January 2018)
Digital Journal
Read the creation story from Genesis 1-2 on Bible Gateway

Half of Germans Have a Bible, Only 6% Read It Regularly (January 2018)
Evangelical Focus
Read the Bible in German on Bible Gateway

Do You Live in a “God Has a Plan” State or an “I Can Do All Things” State? (December 2017)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Many Who Call Themselves Evangelical Don’t Actually Hold Evangelical Beliefs (December 2017)

Most Americans Believe Society is Increasingly Abandoning the Religious Aspects of Christmas, But Most Americans Are Not Troubled by the Trend (December 2017)
Pew Research

What Focus Groups Taught Us About Bible Reading (November 2017)
LifeWay Research

The Top Reasons Soldiers Turn to Scripture (November 2017)

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century (November 2017)
Pew Research

Most Brits Think Only Six of the Ten Commandments Are Still Important (October 2017)
Read the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-17 on Bible Gateway
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Ten Commandments Past and Present: An Interview with David L. Baker
See resources about the Ten Commandments in the Bible Gateway Store

Young Bible Readers More Likely to be Faithful Adults, Study Finds (October 2017)
LifeWay Research

Islam Is Most Official, But Christianity Is Most Favored Worldwide (October 2017)

Attacks on Religious Freedom in US More Than Double Since 2011, Report Finds (September 2017)
FOX News
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Wycliffe Associates—Helping to Translate the Bible Where Persecution of Christians Is Severe: An Interview with Bruce Smith
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, I Am N: An Interview with Cole Richards and Jason Peters
Browse resources about the persecuted church in the Bible Gateway Store

The Number of Religious Congregations in the USA has Increased by Almost 50,000 Since 1998 (September 2017)

Most Church of England Christians Never Read the Bible, Survey Finds (September 2017)
The Telegraph
Read Bible Gateway Blog posts that introduce you to the Bible

1 in 3 American Evangelicals Is a Person of Color (September 2017)
PRRI: America’s Changing Religious Identity

More Americans Now Say They’re Spiritual But Not Religious (September 2017)

More Than Half UK Population Has No Religion, Survey Finds (September 2017)
The Guardian
British Social Attitudes news release

500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther (August 2017)
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Authority Of Scripture: An Interview with Matthew Barrett
See the Reformation Studies section in the Bible Gateway Store

God Or the Divine is Referenced in Every US State Constitution (August 2017)
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Reading the Bible with America’s Founding Fathers: An Interview with Daniel Dreisbach
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, American History’s Entwined Relationship with the Bible: An Interview with Angela Kamrath

New Zealand Study: Lack of Self-Discipline, Distraction, and Busyness Are Top Barriers to Reading the Bible (August 2017)
NZ Catholic

Silent and Solo: How Americans Pray (August 2017)
Barna Group

65% of Christians Face Doubt; 29% Stopped Reading the Bible When Doubting (July 2017)
Barna Group
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, If In Doubt: An Interview with Rhys Stenner
Read other articles about doubt on the Bible Gateway Blog

The Rise of the Nons: Protestants Keep Ditching Denominations (July 2017)

9 Out of 10 Ordinary British Christians Feel Marginalized (July 2017)

One In 10 Norwegians Have Read the Entire Bible (July 2017)
Norway Today

The American Church Has a Better Reputation Than Higher Ed or the Media (July 2017)

Religion Increasingly Seen as Doing More Harm Than Good in Canada: Ipsos Poll (July 2017)
Global News

Number of Scots With No Religion Reaches New High, Survey Suggests (July 2017)

Who Reads the Bible in Norway? (June 2017)

Christianity on the Wane in Australia, But Pentecostal Church Bucks Trend (June 2017)
The Guardian

USA Protestant Megachurches Number 1,600; California Has the Most (June 2017)
Facts & Trends

At Year 150, Does Canada Show Where Religion in United States Might Be Heading? (June 2017)
Get Religion

Religion and Gambling: Studies Find the Wages of Faith May Be Fewer Lost Wages (June 2017)
Huffington Post

Science Reveals the Power of Being Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak (June 2017)
Read James 1:19 in multiple English Bible translations on Bible Gateway

When it Comes to Saying Grace, Americans Are Still United (June 2017)
The Washington Post

Christians Faced Widespread Harassment in 2015 (June 2017)

Sorry, Old Testament: Most Theologians Don’t Use You (June 2017)
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Old Testament Is Dying: An Interview with Brent A. Strawn

Portland-Auburn, Maine: The Most Post-Christian City in the Top 100 Media Markets in America (June 2017)
Barna Group

Chattanooga, Tennessee Tops List of Cities with High Church Attendance (June 2017)
Barna Group

Is Going to Church Good for Your Health? Vanderbilt Study Says Yes (June 2017)

Only 47% of Born Again Christians Believe Absolute Moral Truth is Found in the Bible (May 2017)
American Culture & Faith Institute
Read John 3 on Bible Gateway

Gallup: Belief God Created Humans at Record Low (May 2017)
Read about creation from the book of Genesis on Bible Gateway

Record Few Americans Believe Bible Is Literal Word of God (May 2017)

British Church Decline has Ended, Report Suggests (May 2017)
Report: The “No Religion” Population of Britain

Orthodox Christians in Europe More Likely to Believe Than Practice Their Religion (May 2017)
Pew Research Center

Barna: Many Practicing Christians Agree with Marxism (and Other Competing Worldviews) (May 2017)

Pew: Here’s How Badly Soviet Atheism Failed in Europe (May 2017)

Americans Worry About Moral Decline, Can’t Agree on Right and Wrong (May 2017)
LifeWay Research

Christians in the Global South Now Dominate Every Major Protestant Tradition—Except Baptist (May 2017)
Christian Century
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Biography of Christianity: An Interview with Ian Shaw
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Unexpected Christian Century: An Interview with Scott Sunquist

Though Still Conservative, Young Evangelicals Are More Liberal Than Their Elders on Some Issues (May 2017)
Fact Tank

King James Bible Still the Favorite Among Christians (May 2017)
Terre Haute Tribune Star
IUPUI Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture
Read the Bible on Bible Gateway

Top 10 Bible Verses in Medieval England (May 2017)
The Anxious Bench
The Anxious Bench: The Biblical Heart of Medieval Faith
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Bible Gateway 2016 Year in Review

53% of People Globally (23 Countries) Feel Their Religion/Faith is Important to Them: Indonesia Is First At 93%; Japan Is Last At 22% (May 2017)
Ipsos MORI Global Trends religion slide
Ipsos MORI Global Trends 2017

Study: Clergy and Congregants of Growing Churches in Canada are More Theologically Conservative and Exhibit Higher Rates of Bible Reading and Prayer (April 2017)
Theology Matters: Comparing the Traits of Growing and Declining Mainline Protestant Church Attendees and Clergy
CT: Even in Canada, Conservative Churches Are Growing

Why Religion Is More Durable Than Commonly Thought In Modern Society (April 2017)

61 New Scripture Translations Completed Last Year (April 2017)
United Bible Societies
United Bible Societies: Full Report
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Bible Translation Organizations

53 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically (April 2017)
Biblical Archaeology Review
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Interview: Bible Scholar Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible
See the Biblical Archaeology section in the Bible Gateway Store

The Attitudes of Skeptics and Antagonists Toward the Bible (April 2017)

Americans Are Fond of the Bible; Don’t Actually Read It (April 2017)
LifeWay Research
CBN News: How Americans Treat Bible Reading Like Exercise

Jews Least Likely US Religious Group To Read Bible Weekly—And 2/3 Never Do (April 2017)
The Forward

Sermons that Teach About Scripture Are the No. 1 Reason Americans Go to Church (April 2017)

Video: American Bible Society’s Jason Malec on Changing Perceptions of the Bible (April 2017)
Barna: State of the Bible 2017—Top Findings
American Bible Society: News Release
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, History of the American Bible Society: An Interview with John Fea

5 Facts on How Americans View the Bible and Other Religious Texts (April 2017)
Fact Tank

Educated Evangelicals Are More Religious (April 2017)

Adultery in 2017: Christians Rank What Counts as Cheating (April 2017)
Read Matthew 5:27-28 on Bible Gateway

BBC Survey: Resurrection Did Not Happen, Say Quarter of Self-Identified Christians (April 2017)
BBC News

Only 30% of Born Again Adults Have a Biblical Worldview; But 79% Think They Do (March 2017)
American Culture & Faith Institute

Only 25% of Christians Think It’s Their Job to Share Their Faith (March 2017)
American Culture & Faith Institute
One News Now: George Barna Finds Faith Still Hiding Under a Bushel
See Evangelism resources in the Bible Gateway Store
See Apologetics resources in the Bible Gateway Store

State of the Bible 2017: Top Findings (March 2017)
American Bible Society: News Release

Those Who “Love Jesus but Not the Church” Read the Bible Half as Much as the Average Practicing Christian (26% to 56%) (March 2017)

7 Out of 10 Americans Call Themselves Christians; Few Are Able to Answer Questions About the Bible and Christian Beliefs (February 2017)
American Culture & Faith Institute

Bible Reading in 2017: 61% Desire to Read the Bible More Than They Currently Do (January 2017)
Barna Group

Poll: The Bible is the Greatest Influence on Contemporary Conservative Christians (January 2017)
American Culture and Faith Institute

Bible References Make Very Weak Passwords (January 2017)

Bible Gateway 2016 Year in Review (December 2016)
Bible Gateway Blog post

The Three Kinds of Popular Keyword Searches on Bible Gateway (December 2016)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Bible Readers Were Looking for Love in 2016 (December 2016)
Facts & Trends

Despite Worries, Hotel Bible Remains Almost as Popular as Wi-Fi (December 2016)
Facts & Trends
Download the free Bible Gateway App and always access the Bible with the hotel’s WiFi

The No. 1 Bible Verse and Top 25 Topics of the USA Election (November 2016)

Study: US Protestants Keep Their Children in the Faith at a Higher Rate Than Catholics or the Unaffiliated (October 2016)

The Bible? Not on My Desert Island, Say Majority of Britons (October 2016)
The Guardian

Most Americans Believe in Supernatural Healing (October 2016)
Barna Group

Americans Love God and the Bible, Are Fuzzy on the Details (September 2016)
LifeWay Research
CT: Study Examines What Americans Believe About 47 Theological Statements
Ligonier: The State of Theology
See the Theology section in the Bible Gateway Store

73% of Americans Self-Identify as Christian; 31% Are Considered Practicing Christians; 23% Are Bible-Minded (September 2016)
Barna Group

39% of Young Adults, One-Quarter Of All Americans Claim No Religious Affiliation (September 2016)
Report: Why Americans are Leaving Religion—and Why They’re Unlikely to Come Back

Perspective: Bible Still Most Accepted Despite Being Included on ALA List of Top 10 Most Challenged Books(April 2016)
Bible Gateway Blog post

New Barna Report: What Are America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities? (January 2016)
Bible Gateway Blog post
American Bible Society: 2016 Bible-Minded Cities

The Top Ten Bible Verses of 2015 And More: Bible Gateway’s Year in Review Is Here (December 2015)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Bible on Demand: What 160 Million People Searched Scripture For in 2015 (December 2015)

God Rivals the Gym Among New Year’s Resolutions (December 2015)

Study: Most Practicing Protestant Youth Own a Bible—And They’re Reading It (December 2015)

Are You An Evangelical? Are You Sure? (December 2015)

For Many, Bible No Longer Good Book (November 2015)
Baptist News Global
LifeWay Research: Sacred Texts and Society

The State of Books and Reading in a Digital World (October 2015)
Barna Group

Most UK Adults Do Not Believe the Bible is God’s Word (August 2015)
Barna Group

Americans Rank Bible Most Influential Book in History (July 2015)
Christian Newswire

Half of UK Christian Teenagers Don’t Read Bible More Than Once a Month (July 2015)

95% of Jewish Israelis Have a Bible at Home; 6% of Those Are Not Sure Where It Is (July 2015)
The Jerusalem Post

Poll: 30% of Secular Israelis Have Never Read Tanach (July 2015)
JP Updates

Big Drop in Share of Americans Calling Themselves Christian (May 2015)
The New York Times

Pew: Evangelicals Stay Strong as Christianity Crumbles in America (May 2015)

Canadians Have Personal Faith as Organized Religion Declines: Poll (April 2015)
National Post

The Most Churched, Unchurched Cities in the USA Are… (April 2015)

State of the Bible 2015: Teens (February 2015)
American Bible Society

How We Read the Bible: Bible Gateway’s 2014 Year in Review (December 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Three-Quarters of Americans Identify as Christian (December 2014)

Ten Obstacles That Get in the Way of Bible Fluency (August 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

75% in USA Believe the Bible is in Some Way Connected to God (June 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

A Summary of Recent Bible Reading Surveys (May 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

What’s the Place of the Bible in American Christianity? Surprising Results from a New Survey (March 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

What Does it Mean to be “Bible-Minded”? (February 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in the UK and Australia (February 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in Canada (January 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

What Are Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” USA Cities? (January 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

What Are America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities? (January 2014)
Bible Gateway Blog post

2013 Year in Review on Bible Gateway (December 2013)
Bible Gateway Blog post

What You Look for in the Bible: The Top 20 Keyword Search Terms on Bible Gateway (March 2013)
Bible Gateway Blog post

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