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This Conference Tells You Why the Bible is Trust Worthy: An Interview with Corey Miller

Is the Bible historically reliable? How does it compare with other ancient texts? These and other questions are the focus of discussions and presentations at The Symposium (#symposiachristi), the annual conference held on the campus of Purdue University by Ratio Christi (@RatioChristi), a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, […]

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When Was Each Book of the Bible Written?

Below are approximate dates of when each book of the Bible was written, listed in chronological order with links to each book on Bible Gateway. Also, look for the free chronological Bible reading schedule on our Bible Reading Plans page. [See Chronological Bibles in the Bible Gateway Store] Old Testament Job: Considered earliest, but date […]

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Why You Should Embrace Digital Bible Study in 2016

Most of us are comfortable reading Scripture online—far from being the exotic activity it was when Bible Gateway first went online in the early years of the Web, it’s now a routine act for anyone with a computer or mobile device. But it’s fair to say that while reading the Bible digitally is easily accomplished […]

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Biblical Context for the Top Ten Biblical Archaeological Discoveries of 2015

Christianity Today recently published a list of the top ten Biblical archaeology discoveries of 2015. It’s a fascinating list, and it’s encouraging to be reminded that even after centuries of archaeological work in the Middle East, we continue to learn new things about the lands and people of the Bible. Some of the items on […]

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The NIV Zondervan Study Bible: An Interview with Dr. D.A. Carson

The New International Version of the Bible, the world’s most read and most trusted modern-English Bible translation, is now complemented by extensive study notes and resources designed and edited by general editor and The Gospel Coalition co-founder, D.A. Carson. The new NIV Zondervan Study Bible (website) presents the best of evangelical biblical scholarship, appealing to […]

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The Bible Project: An Interview with Tim Mackie and Jon Collins

What if you were able to approach the grand narrative of the Bible by viewing brief, entry-level video summaries of each book of the Bible? Would you feel less intimidated and more able to comprehend the Bible’s complexities? Bible Gateway interviewed Tim Mackie (@timmackie) and Jon Collins (@jonpdx) about The Bible Project (@JoinBibleProj). Describe The […]

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Annual Bible-Related Events

Here’s a list of yearly events that have a relation to the Bible: [Browse the Bible section of the Bible Gateway Store] January 16 – Religious Freedom Day January 18-25 – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (@Oikoumene) January – National Bible Week (Philippines) February – Ash Wednesday February-March – Lent March – World Day […]

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Biblical Archaeology Claim: Seal of Hezekiah Unearthed in Jerusalem

Archaeologists have reported a potentially fascinating and important find in Jerusalem: a clay seal possibly created by the ancient biblical king Hezekiah. The New York Times reports: “This is the first time that a seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king has ever come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation,” [Hebrew University professor […]

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Why Trust the Bible?: An Interview with Greg Gilbert

The Bible stands at the heart of the Christian faith. But why should we trust the Bible? Christians need to be able to articulate why they trust Scripture when it comes to understanding who God is, who we are, and how we’re supposed to live. Bible Gateway interviewed Greg Gilbert (@greggilbert) about his book, Why […]

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Understanding the Bible in Four Small Words: An Interview with Jarrett Stevens

When it comes to a story as theologically thick and rich with history, metaphor, and meaning as the Bible, the thought of trying to understand or communicate that story can be overwhelming. What if the essence of the story of God can be understood, applied, and shared in just four small words: Of. Between. With. […]

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