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How We Can Live Courageously in a World Full of Suffering

By Matt Chandler If you and I are going to be Overcomers and live courageously in this mess, it’d be helpful to understand some of it. After we see ultimate reality in Revelation 4–5, in Revelation 6 we get more help seeing behind all the mess. We get some good news about how we can […]

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Embracing Our Future in Christ Whatever Happens Next

By Robert J. Morgan Anticipation keeps me going. What about you? Do you feel the need to look forward to what’s ahead—a vacation, a weekend at the beach or in the mountains, the birth of a child or grandchild, the diploma that concludes your studies, the day you retire, or even the fresh taste of […]

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Judgment, Grace, and Restoration in the Book of Jeremiah

by John MacArthur Jeremiah recounts more of his own life than any other prophet, telling of his ministry, the reactions of his audiences, testings, and his personal feelings. Jeremiah served as both a priest and a prophet and was the son of a priest named Hilkiah. He was from the small village of Anathoth (1:1), […]

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Finding Peace Through Humility in the Book of Judges

by Joel Muddamalle, PhD I hate being lost and losing my way. It leaves me disoriented, and honestly, it can be a really scary feeling to not know where you are. Today, we have modern tools like smartphones that give us maps and directions at our fingertips. But before that technology was available, one of […]

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Redefining and Cultivating Christlike Humility Like Paul

By Dr. Joel Muddamalle Let’s look at how the Greek word for humility was used in Paul’s setting. One of the prominent Greek words we translate as “humble” (tapeinophrosynē) could also be translated as “self-abasement” or “lowliness.” In Greek, there are words that are related to each other that convey the concept of humility, and […]

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God Wants to Hear Us Say Yes

By Zach Williams One Sunday after church, the pastor found me and said, “Zach, we’ve been watching you and Crystal for a while now as you’ve been involved with the prison ministry and Celebrate Recovery. We’ve seen how much your family has grown and matured. We all feel like God has placed you here. We’ve […]

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The Power of Pre-Decision

By Craig Groeschel It’s safe to say that life is the sum of the decisions we make. Why? Because a successful life is based not on a few big decisions made at a few big moments but on thousands of normal decisions made at thousands of normal moments. As James Clear says, “Every decision you […]

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Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross: It Is Finished

By Charles Martin If the death of Jesus means something, then I think the doorway to a better understanding is one word. Spoken by Jesus with His last breath, just before He gave His Spirit to His Father. The mushroom cloud rising out of the kingdom of darkness was ignited by one word. Tetelestai—“It is […]

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The World God Loves Has a Face

By Terry Crist We all come from places. We live in places. In first-century Israel, the land was dotted with approximately 240 closely knit communities, much like modern neighborhoods. These small villages ranged in size from just a handful of families to around one hundred residents, covering three to four acres—a scale comparable to a […]

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Is God Really Good? How to Be Trained in Truth

By Susie Larson Our Enemy sees our potential long before we ever do. He starts when we’re young and not only targets our gifting and future calling, but he also goes after those tender places of vulnerability. All you need to do is look back into your childhood, and you’ll likely find a pattern of […]

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