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Finding Those Nuggets of Beauty in the Midst of Dark Days

By Kim Taylor Henry Those who seek me find me. . . . My fruit is better than fine gold. —Proverbs 8:17, 19 (NIV) “No matter how awful my day has been, there are always some gifts of beauty in it, however small. Every night I review my day and ask God to help me […]

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The Church of Outlandish, Outrageous Faith

By Grant Skeldon A few years ago, some friends and I had the privilege of grabbing lunch with Bob Goff. And by that I mean he put his phone number in the back of his national bestselling book, so I called him. (Talk about making yourself available for people to join your life.) It was […]

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The NIV Incredible Creatures and Creations Holy Bible

by Sara Bierling How long has it been since you and your family were amazed by God? I mean really, speechlessly, surprised and wowed? Sometimes the Bible seems full of stories we’ve been hearing forever. We think that we know the Bible stories and what they mean for our lives. And sometimes it’s hard even […]

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When Truth Invades Your Brokenness

By Sandi Patty I pretended that I was good. Marriage was good. Life was good. Being a mom of young children was good. My career was good. I worked hard to make it look like I had it all together. I would sing from emotional depths, then leave the stage, go to my dressing room, […]

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God, Why Aren’t You Doing Something?

By Craig Groeschel Seeing so much poverty everywhere makes me think that God is not rich. He gives the appearance of it, but I suspect some financial difficulties. —Victor Hugo, Les Misérables If only life were like a sitcom. When I was growing up, there wasn’t so much graphic violence and corruption on TV—all those […]

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The Hard Reality of Exclusivity in White Evangelicalism and What Can Be Done

By Bryan Loritts On a Sunday in the late 1700s, a black man walked into a church and began praying. What he didn’t realize was that he was doing so in the whites-only section of the church. Incensed by his audacity, the people around him immediately confronted him and tossed him outside onto the streets […]

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The Bible Is the Ultimate Book on Leadership

Points to Consider Regarding Leadership God is the Ultimate Leader, and he calls every believer to lead others Every time God desires to do something great, he calls a leader to step forward Jesus taught that being a leader means serving others Leadership is influence If you are being salt and light as Jesus commanded, […]

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Gaining a Heavenly Perspective on Life’s Trials

By Joni Eareckson Tada “File this, Francie, and make copies of this letter, would you,” I said to my secretary without looking up from my desk. “And, oh yes,” I sighed, “would you please pull out the sofa bed one more time?” “Are you serious? Again?” “Again.” With that, my face flushed and my eyes […]

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Dependence Is Not a Dirty Word

By Hayley Morgan One day, my friend Page told me something that made me practically fall off my chair. I was shocked. I was moved. And I’ve been thinking about it for the last two years. We were sitting cross-legged at Bible study, and she wondered out loud whether in training our children to be […]

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What God Says Is Most Important

By Tim Tebow Bible Gateway interviewed Tim Tebow (@TimTebow) about his book, This Is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose. (WaterBrook, 2018). [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Discovering Your Identity in Life’s Storms: An Interview with Tim Tebow] Many times, our opinion of God is affected by what other […]

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