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God, Why Aren’t You Doing Something?

By Craig Groeschel Seeing so much poverty everywhere makes me think that God is not rich. He gives the appearance of it, but I suspect some financial difficulties. —Victor Hugo, Les Misérables If only life were like a sitcom. When I was growing up, there wasn’t so much graphic violence and corruption on TV—all those […]

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How to Have Joy No Matter What: An Interview with Stasi Eldredge

When life’s circumstances take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, how do you obey the Bible’s call to “be joyful always” when it sounds almost crazy—and out of reach. Bible Gateway interviewed Stasi Eldredge (@StasiEldredge) about her book, Defiant Joy: Taking Hold of Hope, Beauty, and Life in a Hurting World (Thomas Nelson, 2018). […]

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The Hard Reality of Exclusivity in White Evangelicalism and What Can Be Done

By Bryan Loritts On a Sunday in the late 1700s, a black man walked into a church and began praying. What he didn’t realize was that he was doing so in the whites-only section of the church. Incensed by his audacity, the people around him immediately confronted him and tossed him outside onto the streets […]

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How Should Church Be Done?: An Interview with Francis Chan

What is God’s ideal for the way churches should behave? What are the failures and the successes of the churches mentioned in the Bible? Why did the apostles have to write letters of correction to them? In this Q&A, Francis Chan (@crazylove) talks about his book, Letters to the Church (David C Cook, 2018). [Sign […]

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The Bible Is the Ultimate Book on Leadership

Points to Consider Regarding Leadership God is the Ultimate Leader, and he calls every believer to lead others Every time God desires to do something great, he calls a leader to step forward Jesus taught that being a leader means serving others Leadership is influence If you are being salt and light as Jesus commanded, […]

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Vibrant Leadership Comes from Your True Self: An Interview with Tyler Reagin

What is identity-based leadership, how is it biblical, and how does it contribute to influencing others to achieve their own success? Bible Gateway interviewed Tyler Reagin (@tylerreagin) about his book, The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self (WaterBrook, 2018). What does it mean to be a life-giving leader? Tyler Reagin: To be […]

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White Evangelicalism and Racial Bias: An Interview with Bryan Loritts

What is the experience of a person of color in predominantly white evangelical Christian spaces today? What does the Bible say about racism, ethnic community, and worldview bias? What does it mean for the church to truly live life together? Bible Gateway interviewed Bryan Loritts (@bcloritts) about his book, Insider Outsider: My Journey as a […]

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Do You Feel Like You Live in a Battlefield?

If you feel beaten down or torn asunder by your daily walk through the trenches of spiritual warfare, this is the prefect free email devotional for you: Encouragement on the Battlefield. Author and speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd knows that we live our lives in a spiritual battlefield, which is why she has written so much […]

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How to Truly Love Like Never Before: An Interview with Dr. Les Parrott

What does it mean to truly love people at the highest level in practical ways every day? How do latest findings in sociology and psychology blend with biblical understanding to reveal often counter-intuitive ways of loving like never before? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Les Parrott (@LesParrott) about his book, Love Like That: 5 Relationship Secrets […]

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Dependence Is Not a Dirty Word

By Hayley Morgan One day, my friend Page told me something that made me practically fall off my chair. I was shocked. I was moved. And I’ve been thinking about it for the last two years. We were sitting cross-legged at Bible study, and she wondered out loud whether in training our children to be […]

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