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The Bible Really Is God’s Word

[Editor’s Note: This guest blogpost is by Stephen J. Nichols, President of Reformation Bible College and Chief Academic Officer of Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, Florida. Reformation Trust, the publishing ministry of Ligonier, has thoroughly revised the Reformation Study Bible (2015) with more than 20,000 study notes and commentary by 75 scholars under the leadership of Dr. […]

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Challenge for Skeptics: Read 100 Pages of the Bible

[This guest blogpost is by Dr. John Dickson (@johnpauldickson), author of A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible: Inside History’s Bestseller for Believers and Skeptics (Zondervan, 2014). He holds a PhD in history and is the founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity. Dr. Dickson is an Australian speaker, historian, minister (Anglican), husband, and father.] […]

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The Logos Became Sarx

A guest post by Kent Dobson, general editor of the NIV First-Century Study Bible. [Also see our blogpost, Reading the Bible with Eastern Eyes: An Interview with Kent Dobson] Advent is a strange time of year. We look forward to the Christmas, the coming of Christ, and then when we get to Christmas, we remember […]

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Halley’s Bible Handbook: A Classic, Relevant, and Handy Resource

This guest post is by freelance writer Jeremy Bouma (@bouma) with Zondervan employee Adam Forrest (@ZonderAcademic). If you haven’t read all of the books you own, you’re not alone. I (Adam) worked in a bookstore for five years, and I used to joke with coworkers that owning a book is the best excuse for not […]

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Read the Bible for Yourself!

This guest post is by Chris Juby (@chrisjuby). Bible Gateway has been republishing my @BibleSummary Tweets for seven months now. We’ve made it through the five books of Moses and we’ve just finished Joshua’s conquest of the Promised Land. Next come the strange, wonderful and sometimes disturbing stories of the Judges. How are you finding […]

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Having a Reputation of Love

Guest post by Todd Stevens. Many people have reputations that can be summed in just a word or two. Thomas Edison: inventor. Jeff Foxworthy: hilarious. If someone summarized you in just a few words, how would they describe you? I was a Christian for years before I realized Jesus had specified exactly what my reputation […]

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Regarding the “Jesus Wife Fragment” (Guest Post by David L. Turner)

The 2014 Easter season coincides with another resurrection of a sort—that of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (GJW). Harvard Professor Karen L. King’s original announcement of this find at the International Association of Coptic Studies conference in Rome led to much furor in September 2012. Although other ancient texts mentioned Jesus’ close relationship to Mary […]

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A Little Girl and Her Bible (Guest Post by Jennifer Dukes Lee)

Lydia is 11 years old now. I’m guessing she must have been seven or eight when she went a little bit crazy with a green highlighter on the pages of her Bible. She marked up page after page, line after line, in her first “big people” Bible. It happened a few weeks after she got […]

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The Gift of Unanswered Questions (Guest Post by Jennifer Dukes Lee)

My oldest daughter asks her hardest questions at bedtime, when we flop open the pages of Scripture atop her flowered quilt. We flip through pages of her Bible, rustling like onion skins between our fingers. We land on the story of David and Goliath, and I read aloud the story of a heroic boy who […]

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Your Light (Guest Post by Annie Downs)

This is the fourth and final post in a series; in part 3, Annie discussed what it means to be a “lamp on a stand.” When you look in the mirror, what do you say? No, that’s not a typo. I’m not asking what you see, I’m asking what you SAY. What do you say […]

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