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5 Clever Bible Gateway Plus Tricks

If you’re a Bible Gateway Plus member, you know many valuable resources are available to you. Here are 5 quick tricks to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and get the most out of the service. If you’re new to Bible Gateway Plus, you can find out more about it here. 1. […]

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Christian Book Award® Winners Announced for 2019

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) (@ecpa) has announced the winners in 12 categories—Bible, Bible Reference, Bible Study, Audio, Christian Living, Faith & Culture, Biography & Memoir, Devotion & Gift, Young People’s Literature, Children, Ministry Resources, New Author—for the 2019 Christian Book Award® program. [See the books that have won the Christian Book Award in […]

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Learn More About Passover and Why It’s Celebrated

Both Easter and Passover are celebrations of resounding hope. This year, Passover begins on the 19th of April and ends the 27th, and—though it may not be a holiday you’re used to thinking about during this season of celebration—it’s a great time to reflect upon God’s power. Bible Gateway has a new devotional where you […]

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Christ Calls You to Be a Light in a Dark World

As Christians, much of our joy this time of year comes from the Easter reminder of how God was willing to sacrifice himself to save us from our sins. And this is truly something to be joyful about! In fact—among all the world’s darkness—it’s one of the only things to be joyful about. But, while […]

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Bible Gateway’s Visual Verse of the Day Is Now in the King James Version

You can now receive verse memes in the King James Version of the Bible! We’ve identified the most popular Bible verses people from all over the world search for and read on Bible Gateway and designed them into visually colorful and inspirational images. Each Visual Verse of the Day is from the King James Version […]

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14 Great Ways to Engage with God’s Word

Do you know that Bible Gateway has a dedicated page for different Scripture engagement methods? Provided by Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement (@TaylorU_CSE) , the Bible Engagement section offers ways that Scripture can be interacted with that might allow us to more openly receive God’s words and, therefore, come to know him better. If […]

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3 Bible Gateway Account Basics for a Great Scripture-Reading Experience

If you’re new to Bible Gateway—or even if you’ve been coming to our site for years—we hope this basic tutorial on how to customize your Bible-reading will help you get the most out of your free account. To ensure that your Bible Gateway personal account is as helpful as possible as you read the Bible […]

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How You Can Easily Read the New Testament in its Original Language on Bible Gateway

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or fluent in ancient Greek to experience the words of the New Testament in the language it was written. One of the best-kept secrets on Bible Gateway is that you have immediate free access to Mounce’s Reverse-Interlinear translation for the New Testament of the Bible. And it’s a great […]

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Let Justice Run Down Like Water

“I, the LORD, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing” (Isaiah 61:8) “Wrongdoing” includes any form of injustice, including personal bias and discrimination. Those are the things that trigger God’s hatred—and should trigger ours. Appeals to God’s justice have resonated for centuries in the pages of God’s Word. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The […]

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Actor Chris Pratt to Follow Bible-Based 21-Day Diet of Prayer and Fasting

“Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink.” That’s what Old Testament prophet Daniel said to his Babylonian prison guard in the 7th century BC and now American actor Chris Pratt is modeling that diet thousands of years later. In his recent Instagram story, the Jurassic World star, who is vocal about […]

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