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Are You Getting the Most Out of Bible Gateway?

The new Bible Gateway has been out for several weeks now. Hopefully, by now you’ve gotten accustomed to the new interface and are happily searching and reading the Bible online. But are you taking advantage of all of the features Bible Gateway puts at your disposal? There are a lot of tools you can use […]

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The New Bible Gateway Gets High Marks

I promise we’re not going to forever bombard you with praise and acclaim for the new Bible Gateway. However, we were thrilled to see the Bible Gateway receive an extremely thorough review by Sam O’Neal at, and I thought I would highlight a few items from the review. Sam has a lot of good […]

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What They’re Saying About the New Bible Gateway on Twitter

We’ve been very pleased with the feedback we’ve gotten so far about the new Bible Gateway. Many of you are finding the new site easier to use and navigate. And even feedback pointing out problems with the new site has helped us to make some useful tweaks and improvements. Many Bible Gateway fans on Twitter […]

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Get More Out of Your Bible Reading: Five Things to Try at the New Bible Gateway

So, you’ve seen the new Bible Gateway, either at (where it’s being rolled out gradually this week) or at the beta website. You’ve probably realized by now that the basic stuff—searching Scripture and reading Bible passages—works more or less like it always has. Many Bible Gateway visitors use the site to look up Bible […]

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The New Bible Gateway is Here!

The new Bible Gateway is here! Starting today and continuing throughout this week, we’re rolling out the new Bible Gateway to visitors. To find out if you’re one of the lucky ones to get early access, visit If you see the new website, congratulations—you’re free to start exploring everything it’s got to offer! If […]

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The New Bible Gateway Arrives Next Week!

It’s almost here! The new Bible Gateway arrives next week! Beginning on Monday, June 23, we’ll roll out the new Bible Gateway, starting with a small percentage of visitors and adding more as the week goes on. If you’ve followed our ongoing discussion of the new website, you know that it retains everything you love […]

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The Good Part of Me, The Bad Part of Me

By Mel Lawrenz, Director of The Brook Network and creator of The Influence Project. People in my town, Waukesha, Wisconsin, are reeling from an incident a few days ago in which two 12-year-old girls allegedly stabbed one of their best friends, an act that they had plotted for months, all because of delusional thinking about […]

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Bible Gateway Logo Stylized by Word for Word Bible Comic Artist

Simon Amadeus Pillario (pen name) has a dream of creating a complete, word-for-word Bible comic in the graphic novel genre. He respects Scripture and wants to honor it by illustrating its grand storyline. For more information, read our interview with Pillario and learn how you can help him achieve his dream (quickly, because time is […]

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The Bible Says Heaven is for Real

The movie Heaven is for Real (@heavenisforreal) is the latest Hollywood production to incorporate biblical truth into theatrical entertainment, joining recently released movies Son of God (@SonofGodMovie), Noah (@NoahMovie) (see our blogpost Considering “Noah”: What Makes a Good (or Accurate) Bible Film?), God’s Not Dead (@GodsNotDeadFilm), and the 35th anniversary edition of Jesus Film (@JESUSfilm) […]

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“Forgive as the Lord Forgave You”: Desmond Tutu and Impossible Forgiveness

What’s the hardest act of forgiveness you’ve ever done? Forgiveness is central to the Christian story—both Jesus’ forgiveness of us, and our forgiveness of others. This promise of God’s forgiveness (so appropriate to contemplate during Lent!) is one of the most powerful, reassuring messages in the Bible: If we confess our sins, he is faithful […]

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