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Dear friends of Bible Gateway,

Thank you for your support of Bible Gateway! Whether you've recently discovered Bible Gateway or have been visiting the site for years, we're glad you choose to use Bible Gateway and hope that it deepens your understanding of the Bible and your relationship with Christ.

I'm writing to explain an important feature you've undoubtedly noticed on Bible Gateway: we support the work of Bible Gateway with banner advertisements placed throughout the site.

In its earliest years, Bible Gateway was ad-free, supported only by donations. So you may be wondering, why ads now?

The answer is that advertising is one of the tools that equips us to do what we do: make Scripture and biblical resources freely available to people all around the world. That purpose hasn't changed since Bible Gateway's creation in 1993—but as our audience has grown over the years, so has the expense of making these Bibles and services available for free. Advertising helps us cover our operating costs so we can keep Bible Gateway free—and extend its reach even further. Our decision to begin advertising was not made lightly; it was the result of much prayer and discussion. We believe that advertising, when managed carefully, is a positive way of supporting and building our ministry while keeping our services free of charge to all our visitors around the world.

Of course, it's critical that any advertising presented on Bible Gateway does not conflict with our mission. That means that we carefully filter the ads that appear on Bible Gateway, and we don't use ads in ways that interfere with your ability to read and study Scripture. We also take your feedback about ads—positive or negative—very seriously, so if you spot an ad that you consider problematic for any reason, we're listening. We want the ads to complement the site, offering you relevant and valuable services and offers.

If you'd prefer to experience Bible Gateway without encountering banner advertising, we invite you to learn about and become a member of Bible Gateway Plus, where you'll also benefit from 24/7 instant digital access to our valuable library of bestselling and critically-acclaimed Bible reference books that will enhance your study and understanding of the Bible for a low monthly price following a 14-day free trial period.

We're very aware of the trust you place in us when you choose to use Bible Gateway, and we want to protect that trust carefully. We hope and pray that Bible Gateway will continue to be a blessing to you in your spiritual walk.


The Bible Gateway Team