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Get This Free Bible Study on the Birth of Jesus

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A Bible Study on Giving Thanks

Here in the United States we’re in the Thanksgiving holiday season during which a tradition exists of each family member around the dinner table stating what he or she is especially thankful for. It can range from the food on the table to their home to the loved ones in their lives. This is a […]

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Embrace Joy in Your Life: An Interview with Mark Batterson

In the latest 40 Days Through the Book video Bible study series, Mark Batterson (@MarkBatterson) serves as a tour guide on Paul’s letter to the Philippians so you can embrace joy in your daily life. Paul, writing from a jail cell, speaks of joy, gratitude, unity, and purpose. In this interview with Mark, find out […]

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Looking for a Concise, Fundamental Grasp of Scripture?

Because the Bible is such an influential book worldwide, many people wish they had at least a foundational grasp of what it contains. Bible Gateway’s Know the Bible free email series begins to answer some of the practical and broad questions you might have about the Bible—whether you grew up in the church or have […]

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Back-to-School: How Bible Gateway Can Help You With Your Homework

The school year is underway, and students from first-grade to post-graduate are settled into the educational routine—and are no doubt thinking of ways to procrastinate doing their homework. They’re embracing what Winston Churchill once said: “Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” The Marist Mindset List is a […]

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The Thompson® Chain-Reference® Bible: Where It Came From, How to Use It, and Where It’s Going

By the Zondervan Bible Group The Thompson® Chain-Reference® Bible (Zondervan, 2021) has been trusted and used for more than five generations. It’s a study and reference work that’s unparalleled in its ability to enrich personal devotions, topical study, and sermon preparation. Why has it been so popular since its release in 1908? Because this unique […]

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A Bible and Bible Study to Help in Addiction Recovery: An Interview with John Raymond

Research indicates more than 200 million people the world over intractably misuse alcohol, drugs, gambling, tobacco, and other activities despite the ruinous consequences they cause personally and for the people surrounding them. Bible Gateway interviewed John Raymond, vice president and publisher for HarperChristian Resources, about the NIV Celebrate Recovery Study Bible (Zondervan, 2021) and the […]

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Trinity Sunday: Considering One of Christianity’s Greatest Mysteries

Trinity Sunday is the day set aside to reflect on one of Christianity’s most interesting and difficult-to-understand doctrines: the Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity posits that God is one God who is also three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Unlike other tenets of the Christian faith, the doctrine of the […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Satan’s Whispering Lies: An Interview with Louie Giglio

Satan is constantly seeking to fill our minds with destructive thoughts—whether of fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety, temptation, envy, and more. It’s all too easy for him to manipulate his way into a seat at the table intended for only you and Jesus, and to try to make himself at home in your mind. What are […]

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Use Verse Mapping to Enhance Your Bible Study: An Interview with Kristy Cambron

What is Verse Mapping? It’s using Bible study tools to research what you’ve just read in the Bible to learn more about what God is saying to you and how you can apply his Word to your life today. It’s comparing Bible translations, focusing on meaningful words, and delving into the deep meaning of each […]

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