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Encounter Scripture with Fresh Eyes and Your Imagination: An Interview with Russ Ramsey

Do you sometimes approach familiar Bible passages with a sense of fatigue or mindlessness because you’ve read it all before? You’ve lost the wonder of it all and it doesn’t feel new to you? You think you know what it all says already? How can the spiritual discipline of reading Scripture afresh allow you to […]

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Behind the Scenes with the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl Morning

By Rob Maaddi As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. — Proverbs 27:17 Eight and a half hours before kickoff for Super Bowl LII, members of the Philadelphia Eagles got ready for the biggest game of their lives with an intimate celebration of their love for Jesus Christ. About 20 players gathered in […]

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What is the Bible?: An Interview with Ryan M. Reeves and Charles Hill

What is the history of the Bible from its beginnings to the present day? How was the Bible written and its various books chosen? How reliable is it? How were the Old Testament and New Testament formed? Bible Gateway interviewed Ryan M. Reeves (@RyanMReeves) and Charles Hill about their book, Know How We Got Our […]

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How to Live Victoriously: An Interview with Kelly Balarie

When challenges, troubles, or opportunities enter your life, are you burdened with limiting thoughts of self-doubt, fear, and impossibility? How can you train your mind to biblically conquer uncertainty, beat insecurity, and step past the tragedies of yesterday? Bible Gateway interviewed Kelly Balarie (@kellybalarie) about her book, Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, […]

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The Benefits of Asking For, and Giving, Forgiveness

Points to Consider Regarding Grace and Forgiveness Experiencing God’s forgiveness empowers people to face difficult circumstances A reciprocal relationship exists between the forgiveness we experience and the forgiveness we extend The Bible says we should accept each other and display the love of Christ to those around us Only God’s grace can allow us to […]

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When You Want to Trust but Life Won’t Let You

By Craig Groeschel “I want to believe God cares about me; I really do,” she told me, wiping tears from under her darkened, bloodshot eyes. Under the harsh fluorescent lights of the hospital corridor, Marci barely resembled the vibrant girl I remembered, that kid I’d watched grow up in our youth group at church. When […]

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A Light in the Darkness, A Wrinkle in Time

by Sarah Arthur Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L’Engle, Author of A Wrinkle in Time by Sarah Arthur. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 1 John 1:5, NIV A few months shy of her 73rd birthday […]

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The Puritans and Modern Spiritual Formation: An Interview with Joanne J. Jung

What practices of the Puritans, who lived centuries ago, can inform modern Christians in their spiritual lives of reading the Bible, praying, and meditating? What have we forgotten from the past that we need to reclaim for the health of our spiritual formation? [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Pilgrims May Not Be Who […]

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How to Tell People About Jesus: An Interview with Dudley Rutherford

How can you be best equipped and emboldened with the good news of salvation through Jesus? Why do fear, busyness, and lack of motivation keep you from telling your friends about the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Bible Gateway interviewed Dudley Rutherford (@pastordudley) about his book, Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share […]

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How Eating the Wrong Thing Wrecked Everything

By Ann Spangler For dust you are and to dust you will return. GENESIS 3:19 Adam and Eve are inseparable. Two innocents in paradise, they are content to explore the length and breadth of their garden home, dangling their feet in its cool refreshing streams as they feast on peaches, pears, pomegranates, figs, dates, melons, […]

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