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Excellence Indeed Wins, But There’s Much More to Life

By Horst Schulze Editor’s Note: Horst Schulze, chairman and CEO of Capella Hotel Group, is a legend and leader in the service world. His vision has helped reshape concepts of customer service throughout the hospitality and service industries. In this excerpt from his new book Excellence Wins, Horst shares how he discovered what matters most […]

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Hope During End-of-Life Care: An Interview with Robin Bertram

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people facing terminal and long-term illness will increase 80% by 2020. With life-threatening diseases, terminal illness, and the long-term care of elderly parents, come such questions as: If God is good, why are we going through this? What will our family do during […]

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Surviving Cancer and Thriving: An Interview with Edie Littlefield Sundby

This former IBM executive is the first person in 250 years to walk the entire 1,600-mile El Camino Real Mission Trail from Loreto, Mexico to Sonoma, California. And that’s not the most interesting thing about her. Ten years ago she was given three months to live after a Stage 4 gallbladder cancer diagnosis. Against all […]

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A Tribute to John R. Kohlenberger III: Guest Post by Dr. Stan Gundry

John R. Kohlenberger III died on September 29, 2015. For more than ten years he had successfully warded off the debilitating effects of advanced prostate cancer, but when the end came, it came suddenly. [See the news release.] John’s contributions to Christian publishing in general and his contributions to Bible publishing and Bible study reference […]

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Jimmy Carter’s Wellspring of Hope: The Bible

The 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, 90, recently announced that he has cancer and that it’s spread to his brain. Before, during, and after his 1977-’81 presidency, he has spoken of, written about, and demonstrated his fervent personal Christian faith, which is rooted in his ongoing devotion to reading and teaching the […]

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Is Your Definition of Joy Too Narrow?: An Interview with Margaret Feinberg

“God is an unconventional teacher. He uses paradox to imbue us with common sense, propels healing through pain, and hauls clarity into our lives through the most confusing circumstances.” Margaret Feinberg used joy as a weapon against her cancer diagnosis to discover God’s fierce love for her, reignite her laughter, release her regrets, overcome her […]

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