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How and Why to Pray the Scriptures for Your Children: An Interview with Jodie Berndt

How can using the Bible to shape your desires and requests open the door to God’s provision to free us from worry and fear in our parenting? How can you pray the Bible for developing your children’s faith, character, safety, relationships, and their future? Bible Gateway interviewed Jodie Berndt (@jodieberndt), author of Praying the Scriptures […]

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Advent is a Time to Recognize the Wonder of God with Us: An Interview with Scott Erickson

Have you lost the sense of just how full of amazing wonder Christmas is? Maybe for you, the joy of the season is painfully dissonant with the hard edges of life. Or maybe you feel wearied by the way Christmas has become a polished, predictable routine. Or maybe this sacred divine story is too confusing […]

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Christian Genocide in Africa: An Interview with Johnnie Moore and Rabbi Abraham Cooper

How much are you aware of Christians being singled out for murder in Africa? While the world is fixated on jihadist threats in the Middle East, terrorists are also massacring men, women, and children across lands from Nigeria to Kenya. Two advocates for religious freedom and human rights—one Jewish and one Christian—explain what’s happening, why […]

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Take the Christian Life Survey to Help You Gauge Your Spiritual Priorities: An Interview with Dr. Steven Bird

Having a deep, meaningful, engaging relationship with God is what we were created for. We know it in our souls. But the everyday noise surrounding us competes for our attention and it can be challenging to determine how to live out the Christian life on a practical basis. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Steven Bird, co-executive […]

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Why Jesus Had to Die: An Interview with Randy Clark

What does it mean when the Bible says Jesus died as a ransom? How do we benefit from his death? Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? Why did he have to die by tortuous crucifixion? How does understanding what happened on the cross provide a new way of living in a hurting world? […]

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Is Love Your First Priority?: An Interview with Jared Byas

What does the Bible mean when it instructs us to “speak the truth in love”? Does a biblically-based Christian life mean you have all the answers? What should it look like for Christians to love their neighbors deeply and authentically? How is truth lived out in love in practical ways every day? Is what we […]

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Galatians Reminds Us We’re Accepted and Free: An Interview with Jada Edwards

When was the last time you thoroughly studied the book of Galatians? Do you know who wrote it, why he did, and how it should impact your life? How should the words of this book, written centuries ago, help you today when you have an overwhelming sense of feeling unaccepted? Bible Gateway interviewed Jada Edwards […]

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Walking as a Spiritual Discipline: An Interview with Mark Buchanan

What happens when we literally walk out our Christian life? What does our physical being have to do with our spiritual life? What does the Bible actually mean when it exhorts us to walk in the light, or walk by faith, or walk in truth? How did Jesus model walking as spiritual formation? Bible Gateway […]

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God’s Good Plans for You: An Interview with Megan Fate Marshman

What does it mean when the Bible says God’s plan for your life is to give you a hope and a future? Can you know his plan? Can you trust it? What is active dependence on God? What is God’s definition of good? Bible Gateway interviewed Megan Fate Marshman (@meganfate and @meganfate) about her book, […]

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity: An Interview with John C. Lennox

What dangers lurk in technology’s ubiquitous and unrelenting encroachment in our lives? What are the perilous spiritual implications of artificial intelligence, bioengineering, facial recognition, and other hi-tech applications we’re accepting into our daily world with little concern? What does the Bible say about it all? Bible Gateway interviewed John C. Lennox (@ProfJohnLennox) about his book, […]

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