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Live Chat with Author Annie Downs at FaithGateway Tonight

Our friends at FaithGateway are hosting a live online chat with author and speaker Annie Downs tonight at 8pm EST! You can learn more about the event and read a Q&A with Annie here, or register to attend. Here’s a short chat with Annie that gives you a preview of the sorts of things she’ll […]

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Annie Downs: What Obstacles to Bible Reading do Young Women Face?

Annie Downs is an author who loves helping teen girls and women in college overcome the challenges that life puts in the way of their spiritual development. As part of Bible Gateway’s 20th anniversary celebration, we asked Annie if there are any specific issues and challenges that keep girls and young women from engaging with God’s Word.

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Annie Downs: “The Verse I’m Trying to Understand in 2013”

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, this week, writer Annie Downs tells us about the Bible verse she wants to understand in 2013.

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Is God a Moral Monster?

Is the God of the Old Testament barbaric and bloodthirsty? Does the Bible condone slavery, polygamy, or other violence against unbelievers? Lee Strobel interviews author Paul Copan about the nature of the God of the Old Testament.

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N.T. Wright on “the Whole Sweep of Scripture”

How do you read a book as big and deep as the Bible? When asked that question in an interview, New Testament scholar N.T. Wright answered “Frequently and thoroughly.” How can you apply that to your Bible reading?

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