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25 Journeys of the Bible

Following the journeys of God’s people throughout Scripture can provide us with a fuller picture of the intricacy of his plan for our salvation. It can also deepen our trust in a Creator and Protector whose understanding of time is not our own understanding. As you read through this series of 25 journeys throughout the Bible […]

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Celebrating Bible Gateway’s 25th Anniversary

This year, Bible Gateway is excited to be celebrating its 25th anniversary! Bible Gateway launched a quarter-century ago as a Bible research tool for college students. Today it’s the most visited Christian website in the world—home to more than 200 Bible versions in more than 70 languages and a trusted daily resource for more than […]

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Ann Spangler: Are Attitudes Toward the Bible Changing?

Last month, as part of our 20th anniversary video series, we asked pastor Jim Cymabala if he thought people’s attitudes toward the Bible were changing. Today’s video clip features author and speaker Ann Spangler answering the same question. Ann has written a number of different devotional books, many of them with a focus on women—and […]

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Do Women Face Unique Obstacles to Reading the Bible?

In the course of our 20th anniversary video interview series, we’ve asked several Christian writers and thought leaders about the obstacles that prevent people from reading the Bible as much as they’d like. When we talked to Ann Spangler—known for her books Women of the Bible and The One Year Devotions for Women: Becoming a […]

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Jefferson Bethke: What Do You Wish More People Understood About the Bible?

What do you wish somebody had told you about the Bible before you read it? As part of our Bible Gateway 20th anniversary interview series, We asked Jefferson Bethke (the mastermind behind Why I Hate Religion) what he wishes more people knew about the Bible. Here’s what he had to say: It’s a much-discussed fact […]

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Jim Cymbala: How Are Attitudes Towards the Bible Changing?

Has your attitude toward the Bible changed in recent years? Think about the events of the last decade, both in your personal life and in the culture around you. Have there been corresponding changes in the amount of time and energy you put into reading God’s Word? There have been many surveys and studies in […]

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What’s the Value of Reading the Bible?

What’s the point of reading the Bible? What value does it have in today’s world? Author Annie Downs shares her answer to those questions.

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Ann Spangler: Finding Time for the Bible in our “Time-Poor” Lives

Why don’t we read the Bible more? We asked author Ann Spangler why it’s so hard to find time to read God’s Word today. Here’s what she had to say.

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Jefferson Bethke: Why We Don’t Read the Bible More

What keeps people from reading the Bible as much as they should? Each of us has their own answer to that question, but it’s possible to identify a few common attitudes that get in the way of Bible engagement. That’s the question we pose to Jefferson Bethke in this interview.

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Annie Downs: What Obstacles to Bible Reading do Young Women Face?

Annie Downs is an author who loves helping teen girls and women in college overcome the challenges that life puts in the way of their spiritual development. As part of Bible Gateway’s 20th anniversary celebration, we asked Annie if there are any specific issues and challenges that keep girls and young women from engaging with God’s Word.

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