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Blog / Celebrating Bible Gateway’s 25th Anniversary

Celebrating Bible Gateway’s 25th Anniversary

This year, Bible Gateway is excited to be celebrating its 25th anniversary! Bible Gateway launched a quarter-century ago as a Bible research tool for college students. Today it’s the most visited Christian website in the world—home to more than 200 Bible versions in more than 70 languages and a trusted daily resource for more than 140 million people in more than 200 countries.

As part of that celebration, you can enjoy some new aspects of our site. Share Bible Gateway-related stories and enter our sweepstakes, which will be held throughout the year. You can find out more about that and other new features by exploring the brand new MyBibleGateway page. We are here for all your significant moments and all your average days.

As fun as it is for a website like us to look back and realize that we have an internet legacy that has outlived popular fads like Myspace or Napster, Bible Gateway is unique because we’re also part of a much deeper and established legacy. We are grateful and humbled to be a catalyst for spreading God’s Word to his people in a way that is intuitive, up-to-date, and a joy to use.

We are part of that legacy, belonging body and soul to Jesus Christ, just as the first Christians were. Just as Abraham was. Just as David was. Just as we know some of their stories, we want to hear yours. So be sure to visit our MyBibleGateway page and tell us how Bible Gateway has helped you celebrate moments in your life or sustained you in times of crisis or grief.

Bible Gateway, by being a trusted place where Scripture resides, is excited to be a part of a tradition that links us, as to something far older, as well as to something new.

When I think about the unique difficulties that modern-day Christians like us face, I’m keenly aware of our dependence upon digital connectivity. Mobile phones, smart devices, WiFi: there are positive and negative aspects to having that connectivity constantly at our fingertips, but Bible Gateway—a trustworthy companion for reading, understanding, and applying the Bible—is proud to be one of the positive characteristics of an invention as various and as broken as the humans who use it.

From the outset, our mission was to keep the Bible relevant, to infuse it into every part of our lives, into every journey, wherever we found ourselves. If the internet was going to be part of our every single day, we wanted Scripture to be there too.

Twenty-five years ago, who could have known how the prevalence of this digitization would grow. We have it with us now—most of us do—in our pockets and our purses. The internet is where our kids hang out with their friends. It’s one of the first places to which we turn for information and connection. Bible Gateway is there and is a force of God’s voice in that sphere of our lives.

We are excited and proud to be present everywhere you go, and we are dedicated to keeping the Bible in a safe space on a relevant platform. We are here for all your significant moments and all your average days. Bible Gateway can be trusted to continually provide you with the Bible whatever the future brings, and that’s what excites us the most: that we can be an instrument for the Living Word of God to speak to his people in this ubiquitous medium.

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