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Quiz: How Many of These Biblical Fathers Do You Know?

If you’re a father and a Christian, you’ve probably looked to the Bible for guidance in being a better dad. You’ll have no problem finding fathers in the Bible—but as you read their stories, you’ll quickly realize that we can learn as much from their failures at fatherhood as from their successes! We put together […]

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Quiz: Memorials in the Bible

Memorials are objects or days set aside to remember and reflect on highly significant and meaningful events and supreme sacrifices made by dedicated people. Countries and cultures designate holidays, festivals, and monuments to help people commemorate critical occasions in their shared cultural history. That’s as true of ancient people as it is of modern cultures. […]

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Did You Know Jesus Died a Terrorist’s Death?

One of the most famous paintings depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is Diego Velázquez’ Christ Crucified: As you can see, it depicts rough-hewn beams, fashioned together perpendicularly. Nailed to those boards is the man Jesus, blood seeping from both hands and both feet. There’s also the crown of thorns, with blood trailing down Jesus’ […]

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Take Our Eclipse Quiz: Do You Know What the Bible Says About the Sun, Moon, and Stars?

Are you making plans to see the August 21 eclipse? To celebrate this unique event, we’ve put together a quiz to test your Bible trivia skills. How well do you know the Bible’s references to the sun, moon, and stars? Take our new quiz and find out! As you can see, even the most simple […]

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