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Video: God’s Wonderful Animals

Each one of the more than six million species of animals in the world is a masterpiece of divine biological design, engineering, and artistry. [Read and watch the Bible Gateway Blog post, Video: The Joy of Spring Renewal] Reflect upon the glory and brilliance of God’s creative power in the video below: an unforgettable two-minute […]

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God’s Enormous Love Expressed in Tiny Truths: An Interview with Joanna Rivard and Tim Penner

How can you help your young children understand that the stories in the Bible can be connected to each other as tiny truths to teach one grand lesson: the story of God’s love for his children, starting with the magnificence of creation and including Moses parting the Red Sea, Jonah being swallowed by a giant […]

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6 Bible Verses on the Responsibilities of Fathers

According to the Dictionary of Bible Themes on Bible Gateway, fathers have a responsibility to love, instruct, and discipline their children in the ways of the Lord. In return they are to be honored and obeyed by their children. [Browse the Gifts for Fathers section in the Bible Gateway Store] Psalm 103:13 (NIV) As a […]

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Inspirational: The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible Storybook

Right from the beginning of the Bible to its end, the Holy Spirit is dramatically acknowledged: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2) and “The […]

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How a Biblical View of Money Changed Our Marriage

By Aaron and Jennifer Smith A survey done by Ramsey Solutions published in February 2018 reported that money is the number one issue married couples argue about. We have definitely had our moments of arguing about money problems. However, as God transformed our hearts and minds toward money, not only did we get out of […]

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A Classic Devotional Adapted Just for Kids

Parents, are you looking for a devotional you can read with your children? Whether you have their attention at the dinner table or just before bed, the free weekly email Streams in the Desert for Kids is a classic devotional (and a Bible Gateway favorite) that you’ll want to sit them down for each weekend.

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8 Bible Blessings for Your Mother

Among the Ten Commandments is the directive to “honor your father and your mother.” [Browse the Gifts for Mothers section in the Bible Gateway Store.] The following are blessings from the Bible you can pray on Mother’s Day (and all year) to show the great esteem with which you hold your mother.

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How Can You Find a Biblical Role Model for Your Teen?

Aside from Jesus himself, few people in Scripture are presented as obvious heroes. Most are portrayed as complicated people, prone to occasional failure, who nevertheless were used by God in extraordinary ways. That’s why they make such great role models for your complicated teen, who also may be prone to occasional failure. [Sign up to […]

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When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough

By Jamie C. Martin “Mommy, sometimes do you not want to be with me? Because sometimes I feel like you don’t want me with you.” The little voice rose up beside me on the brown leather sofa, at the end of a looooonnnng day that still wasn’t over. I looked down into the wide eyes […]

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Video: Easter with the Jesus Storybook Bible

Eastertide (the season of Easter which is 50 days before Pentecost Sunday) is a great time for adults to read to children about the life of Jesus. For your season of Easter enjoyment, below is a video with British actor David Suchet reading about the Resurrection from the award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible (Zonderkidz, 2007). [Read […]

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