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How the Story of the Bible is Incredibly Unfair

By Michael and Lauren McAfee When I (Michael) was in the eighth grade, one of my favorite classes was art. Not necessarily because I was a young da Vinci. I was more like a young Picasso, but no one seemed to appreciate my, um, unique perspective. Art class became a relaxing hour to decompress and […]

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How a Biblical View of Money Changed Our Marriage

By Aaron and Jennifer Smith A survey done by Ramsey Solutions published in February 2018 reported that money is the number one issue married couples argue about. We have definitely had our moments of arguing about money problems. However, as God transformed our hearts and minds toward money, not only did we get out of […]

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How Billy Graham Overcame His Doubts about the Bible

By Matt Brown Billy Graham passed away in early 2018. nearly 100 years after he was born. That day, America—and the world, really—lost one of the greatest evangelists of all time. He undoubtedly communicated the gospel message to more people face-to-face than anyone in human history. Three hundred million people heard him share the simple […]

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Seeing Black History Through Another Lens

By Cara Meredith There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28 My friend Shannon and I wove our way through the National African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, DC. Two days before, we’d sat […]

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The Significance of Olives in the Bible

By Margaret Feinberg My body rotates around a tree until I pluck every last olive. Two hours and 57 minutes have passed since I first tried my hand at this. I relish in how my skills are improving, but then I look to my 75-year-old companion, Mama. She has cleared two-and-a-half trees in the same […]

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Idolatry: The One Great Sin that All Others Come From

By Kyle Idleman Idolatry is huge in the Bible, dominant in our personal lives, and irrelevant in our mistaken estimations. — Os Guinness Imagine a man who has been coughing constantly. This cough keeps him up half of the night and interrupts any conversation he has that lasts more than a minute or two. The […]

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The Church of Outlandish, Outrageous Faith

By Grant Skeldon A few years ago, some friends and I had the privilege of grabbing lunch with Bob Goff. And by that I mean he put his phone number in the back of his national bestselling book, so I called him. (Talk about making yourself available for people to join your life.) It was […]

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God, Why Aren’t You Doing Something?

By Craig Groeschel Seeing so much poverty everywhere makes me think that God is not rich. He gives the appearance of it, but I suspect some financial difficulties. —Victor Hugo, Les Misérables If only life were like a sitcom. When I was growing up, there wasn’t so much graphic violence and corruption on TV—all those […]

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The Hard Reality of Exclusivity in White Evangelicalism and What Can Be Done

By Bryan Loritts On a Sunday in the late 1700s, a black man walked into a church and began praying. What he didn’t realize was that he was doing so in the whites-only section of the church. Incensed by his audacity, the people around him immediately confronted him and tossed him outside onto the streets […]

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White Evangelicalism and Racial Bias: An Interview with Bryan Loritts

What is the experience of a person of color in predominantly white evangelical Christian spaces today? What does the Bible say about racism, ethnic community, and worldview bias? What does it mean for the church to truly live life together? Bible Gateway interviewed Bryan Loritts (@bcloritts) about his book, Insider Outsider: My Journey as a […]

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