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How a Biblical View of Money Changed Our Marriage

By Aaron and Jennifer Smith A survey done by Ramsey Solutions published in February 2018 reported that money is the number one issue married couples argue about. We have definitely had our moments of arguing about money problems. However, as God transformed our hearts and minds toward money, not only did we get out of […]

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The Biblical Cure for When the World Has Beat You Down

By Patrick Morley We are made for relationships. A godly friendship can change everything. There is a peculiar math to friendship: shared joys are doubled, and shared sorrows are cut in half. Friendship is a central theme of Jesus’ life and teaching. He tells us to encourage each other: “My command is this: Love each […]

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What is True Manhood?: An Interview with Bill Delvaux

How does the biblical concept of heroism contrast with what’s depicted in comic books and movies? Why is heroism important to a man’s identity? What is the biblical model for being heroic? Bible Gateway interviewed Bill Delvaux (@BillDelvaux) about his book, Heroic: The Surprising Path to True Manhood (B&H Books, 2019). Contrast and compare how […]

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The Secret to Ryan Shazier’s Relentless Determination

By Steven Johnson Jr. It looked like a routine play. Cincinnati Bengals receiver Josh Malone ran a shallow crossing route over the middle of the field. After Malone caught the ball, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier took two steps and delivered a hit with his right shoulder pad. It was an athletic play Ryan had […]

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Quiz: How Many of These Biblical Fathers Do You Know?

If you’re a father and a Christian, you’ve probably looked to the Bible for guidance in being a better dad. You’ll have no problem finding fathers in the Bible—but as you read their stories, you’ll quickly realize that we can learn as much from their failures at fatherhood as from their successes! We put together […]

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Being the Strong Father Your Children Need: An Interview with Meg Meeker, MD

Does society undervalue fatherhood? When men are defined primarily by their professional accomplishments, where does that leave their approach to parenting? How can being a strong, active dad be a man’s greatest triumph? In time for Father’s Day, Bible Gateway interviewed Meg Meeker, MD (@megmeekermd) about her book, Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children […]

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Staying Rich

by David Green I realize that running a billion dollar company doesn’t exactly make me just one of the guys from a purely financial standpoint. Money tends to separate us in our culture, and that’s unfortunate because I’m just like you. I get up every day, spend time with God, kiss my wife, eat some […]

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Dad—Invite Your Children to Watch You: Guest Post by Joe Carter

Father’s Day will be June 16, 2019 in the USA. Browse the Gifts for Dads section in the Bible Gateway Store. [Also see our Blog post, The NIV Lifehacks Bible: An Interview with Joe Carter] “Watch me, dad. Watch me.” There are few imperatives a father hears more often from his children than “watch me.” […]

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New Men’s Devotional Bible Added to the Bible Gateway Plus Library

We’ve just added a new devotional to the Bible Gateway Plus devotional library! The New Men’s Devotional Bible is now available to Bible Gateway Plus members at our Devotionals page. This new devotional brings you the devotional content from the New Men’s Devotional Bible—considered the standard in men’s devotional Bibles—and provides daily insight from such […]

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Joseph: The Father of Jesus

Father’s Day is an annual occasion to help us take stock of what it means to be a father (or, in its broader context, a man in some kind of leadership role with another). We have several previous blogposts we encourage you to read: ⇨ What Makes a Good Dad? ⇨ Fathers & Faith: New […]

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