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Blog / Do Women Face Unique Obstacles to Reading the Bible?

Do Women Face Unique Obstacles to Reading the Bible?

In the course of our 20th anniversary video interview series, we’ve asked several Christian writers and thought leaders about the obstacles that prevent people from reading the Bible as much as they’d like. When we talked to Ann Spangler—known for her books Women of the Bible and The One Year Devotions for Women: Becoming a Women of Peace, we got more specific.

We asked Ann what unique challenges women face in reading the Bible. Here’s her answer:

What do you think of Ann’s answer—and how do you think the answer might differ if you asked the same thing about men? If you’re a women who wants to read the Bible more but doesn’t, what gets in the way of your devotional reading? If you found your way past these obstacles, what advice would you give to somebody else struggling to make Bible reading a regular part of their everyday life?

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