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Deepen Your Experience of Scripture With Bible Gateway’s New Scripture Engagement Section

You may not identify it as such, but all your searching, reading, comparing, and sharing of the Bible on Bible Gateway are the beginning elements of what’s called “Scripture Engagement.” They’re only the start because fully engaging the Bible is a growing, developing, relational process that has as its ultimate objective enjoying a deep, meaningful, […]

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What People Use the Internet For

When we saw that Americans spend most of their online time in social networking and emailing—according to an online survey by GfK and the Interactive Advertising Bureau—we thought it may be helpful to remind you of the many places you can encounter Bible Gateway’s daily Internet content. The study says the average American interacts with […]

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Bible Trivia: Where Do Verse and Chapter Numbers Come From?

We recently posted a short video tutorial that explains how to adjust the way that the text of Scripture appears on the Bible Gateway beta website. Briefly mentioned in the video is the option to easily toggle the presence of chapter and verse numbers on and off. But do you know why those verse numbers […]

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Refreshed: Men of the Bible Email Devotional

Bible Gateway offers you more than 60 email devotionals, verse-of-the-day newsletters, and Bible reading plans. Among them for the past several years has been All the Men of the Bible, a devotional of excerpts from the book of the same title by Herbert Lockyer. We’ve refreshed the newsletter so that it now is delivered to […]

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How To Listen to the Bible on Bible Gateway

There’s something special about hearing the Bible read aloud. Every Sunday, millions of Christians around the world listen to Scripture read out loud from a church pulpit. Many people read the Bible aloud at the dinner table or recite their daily devotional readings. Did you know you can listen to the Bible at Bible Gateway? […]

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How to Read Multiple Bibles Side-by-Side on Bible Gateway

Did you know that you can view multiple translations of a Bible verse or passage side-by-side on Bible Gateway? This is useful anytime you wnt to compare how different Bible versions (including Bibles in different languages) translate the same verse or passage. Here’s how to do it.

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“Isn’t That Name from the Bible?” How to Use Bible Gateway to Look Up Bible Characters

A few weeks ago in a conversation with friends, someone asked who Melzar was. A short discussion ensued in which everyone agreed they were “pretty sure he’s from the Bible.” Then an iPhone was produced to consult with Google to find out whether or not this was, in fact, true. The first Google results contained […]

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How to use Page Options on Bible Gateway

Did you know that Bible Gateway gives you the ability to toggle verse numbers, footnotes, pasage headings, and cross-references on and off? All this can be done with the Page Options button that appears at the top of every passage page! This simple menu lets you toggle on/off extra-biblical text annotations like footnotes and verse […]

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Two New Bible Translations Now Available on Bible Gateway: The J.B. Phillips NT and ESV Anglicised

We’ve added the J.B. Phillips New Testament and the ESV Anglicised to the Bible Gateway library!

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Comparing Versions of Romans 7:14-20 Side-by-side

One of my favorite New Testament passages is Paul’s testimony in Romans 7:14-20 about the battle we fight with sin. I decided to read it in several different Bible versions, to see how they each rendered it. Here’s how you can do the same with your own favorite Bible passages.

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