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Died: Tim LaHaye, Bible Teacher, Pastor, Author

Bible teacher, pastor, broadcaster, and bestselling author Dr. Tim F. LaHaye (@Dr_Tim_LaHaye) died July 25, 2016 in a San Diego area hospital, days after suffering a stroke. He was 90 years old. According to his obituary: “Long considered a foremost expert on the Book of Revelation, Dr. LaHaye and his co-author Jerry Jenkins used a […]

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Core Christianity: An Interview with Michael Horton

For many people, words like Christian doctrine and theology cause their eyes to glaze over, or they find them difficult to understand and struggle to see how they’re relevant to daily life. But theology is far from boring; it’s the study of God and should lead to awe and wonder as we better understand who […]

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How We Got the Bible: An Interview with Timothy Paul Jones

Who wrote the books in the Bible and how did they end up together? How reliable is the Bible? What languages were used to write the books of the Bible? Where did the word “Bible” come from? Bible Gateway interviewed Timothy Paul Jones (@DrTimothyPJones) about his colorful, 2016 Christian Book Award-winning book, How We Got […]

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Bible Scholar Gordon R. Lewis Dies

Bible scholar and author Dr. Gordon R. Lewis, 89, died June 11, 2016 at his home in Littleton, Colorado. Until his death, Dr. Lewis served as senior professor of Christian philosophy and theology at Denver Seminary (@denverseminary). He was a full-time faculty member from 1958-1993. In 2013, Denver Seminary created the Gordon Lewis Center for […]

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If In Doubt: An Interview with Rhys Stenner

Mockery of the Bible is commonplace. Skeptics dismiss Scripture with a sweeping assumption that it’s unreliable and contradictory. Do you allow this condescending attitude to cast doubt on your faith? Bible Gateway interviewed Rhys Stenner (@rhysstenner) about his book, If In Doubt: Answering the Seven Great Questions About Faith (Worthy Publishing, 2016). Why do you […]

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Visual Theology: An Interview with Tim Challies

We live in an image-based culture in which we increasingly rely upon visuals to help us understand new and difficult concepts. Infographics convey data, concepts, and ideas in fresh new ways. God used visuals to teach truth to his people. The tabernacle of the Old Testament was a visual representation of humanity’s distance from God […]

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Reordering the Trinity: An Interview with Rodrick Durst

Trinity Sunday was May 22, 2016.Browse resources about the Trinity in the Bible Gateway Store. The New Testament writers present the Trinity in a variety of orders; not only “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Is the order intentional? Should it impact our understanding of God and the mission of the church? Does the order of […]

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The Unexpected Christian Century: An Interview with Scott Sunquist

In 1900 Western “Christian empires” were ruling most of the world, leading many to assume Western Christianity would dominate the 20th century. What happened instead is that Christianity in the West declined dramatically, the empires collapsed, and Christianity’s center moved to Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific. How did epochal changes in global Christianity […]

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Death and Resurrection: Guest Post by Philip Johnston

Dr. D.A. Carson unpacked the biblical theology of the resurrection on Desiring God’s Ask Pastor John podcast. The New International Version of the Bible translation is available in a variety of editions, one of which is NIV Zondervan Study Bible (website). A team of more than 60 contributors crafted study notes, book and section introductions, […]

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Good God and Suffering: An Interview with Lucas Miles

For people facing tragedy, all of God’s goodness witnessed in his creative work and the message of the cross fades as they entertain thoughts that he allows pain and heartache in their lives. But should God be seen as the source of our pain? Is he really the one who initiates suffering? Bible Gateway interviewed […]

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